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Hi Coaches,

Below are guidelines for how to structure your lessons. Coaches can feel free to submit their own lesson plans to be published on the portal. Please email these to Jake Davies here.

Any questions about the lesson plans below or if you’d like a specific plan for a lesson you’re struggling with, please feel free to email and schedule a lesson planning session with Jake here.

These  lessons are guidelines don’t feel the need to do every drill in the lesson timeframe and please feel free to alter as you feel fit.

Coaches are trusted and expected to use best judgement when planning lessons but the head coach and senior coaches are here and happy to help.

See weekly lesson plans below, tailored to specific age groups (red, orange, green). These plans should be checked prior to conducting your lessons.

Please note the grades for each colour are indicated.

If you have any questions/concerns, contact Brent Hartley (Tennis Program Manager)  and Jake Davies (Head Coach) here