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Our mission is to be the leading provider for University-based sport, fitness and recreation services in the Asia-Pacific region.

The University of Sydney has a long and prestigious history of sport, witnessing many changes in the athletic world.

On January 1, 2003, the Sydney University Sports Union (1890) and the Sydney University Women’s Sports Association (1910) amalgamated and created this country’s premier tertiary sporting body. In 2008, the organisation was renamed and Sydney Uni Sport was launched.

Today, Sydney Uni Sport manages and administers more than 40 sport and recreation clubs, organises sporting and recreation events and offers a comprehensive range of sporting facilities to students and the wider Sydney community. Sydney Uni Sport has produced more Australian representatives and won more major competitions than any other club. Consequently it continues to be an influential body in the sporting domain.

Wallabies & Olympians

The University of Sydney is Australia’s premier University, and we pride ourselves on being the most successful sporting club in terms of national representatives and major competitions won in the Southern Hemisphere. We have produced 205 Olympians and 120+ Wallabies and Australian Rugby Union Representatives.

Sydney Uni Olympians are defined as either:

  1. Sydney University graduates who have competed for Australia at the Summer or Winter Olympic/Paralympic Games; and/or
  2. Sydney University students/Club members who gained their Australian Olympic/Paralympic selection while representing Sydney Uni at their respective sports

Sports Award Recipients

Sydney Uni cherishes the amazing efforts of our athletes, staff and volunteers. Each year, we commemorate the achievements of all of these parties with our Sports Awards dinner. Please click here to view a list of award winners to date, and click here to see our list of Valedictorians.