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Excellence in sport is integral to Sydney University’s rich history and diverse identity. From international to intervarsity-level sport; Sydney University is well-represented in the winner’s circle.

Helping Sydney University sports clubs to comprehensively support elite athletes striving for brilliance in sport and academia is fundamental to this success. Since 1990, Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF) has provided sporting scholarships and the Elite Athlete Program to assist Sydney University student athletes to excel.

Pursuing excellence in tertiary studies and elite sport simultaneously can be especially challenging. The right assistance and encouragement is crucial. With access to a broad suite of invaluable benefits and services, alongside the help of skilled and dedicated staff; Elite Athlete Program members are ideally supported to find balance and realise their potential.

Want to join the proud and distinguished group of university graduates, who are leaders both on and off the sporting field? Then you need to be with Sydney University.

For more information about sporting scholarships and the Elite Athlete Program, please download the 2021 Entry Elite Athlete Program Information Booklet.