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***To ensure fairness for all, please cancel bookings you cannot attend. Cancellations can be made up until 15 minutes prior to a class commences. Failure to adhere will result in restriction of online booking access for a minimum of 7 days. Members are also asked to refrain from booking multiple classes a day to ensure everyone has the same opportunity to train and participate in the classes they love.***

Group Fitness timetable commencing 2 Nov until 29 Nov available here.

  • *Please note all classes must be booked to manage capacity, More information here (seniors classes appear under Group Fitness commencing ‘Senior’)
  • Bookable pool slot times can be found within our COVIDSafe Information page here
  • Head to the Group Fitness page for more detailed information

SUSF does not allow members into equipment-based classes like UNLEASH, BodyPump, BodyStep, Grit, CXWORX and RPM once the class has started. This is for participants’ safety. In all other classes, entry is at the discretion of the instructor as to what part of the warm-up she/he will allow latecomers entry. After the warm up is complete, you will not be granted entry. Please do not attempt to enter as refusal may offend.

  • SUSF Group Fitness Etiquette can be found here
  • SUSF offers Les Mills On Demand to members at special SUSF prices with a 30 day free trial, for details click here

Group Fitness Trial now in progress:

To allow for a COVID safe increase of numbers we are currently running a trial on a number of high demand classes. These classes will run slightly different. Please make note of allocated sides (either A or B) and the start times. On time arrival is key as late entry will be denied.