To access the benefits and services of your sporting scholarship, please log into your Smartabase account using the Smartabase Athlete app and complete relevant request forms. If you require assistance with with your Smartabase account, please contact your assigned Elite Athlete Program staff member or email us.

Key SUSF Policies

International Travel Grants

Financial assistance of up to $1500 may be awarded in a given year to assist athletes with relieving the costs of competing overseas e.g. accommodation, air fares, registration fees. Eligible candidates must:

  • Be current students of The University of Sydney;
  • Be current annual members of Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness;
  • Be selected in a national team; and
  • Provide official supporting documentation which confirms national team selection and the specifics of the relevant international competition.

To apply, please contact us.

Careers Partners

We are pleased to partner with organisations and individuals to provide you with career and development opportunities.