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UniSport Australia prides itself in providing 42 universities from across Australia with the opportunity to go head to head in search of becoming Australia’s fiercest competitor.

In 2018 UniSport Nationals replaced the Australian University Games. The restructure by UniSport Australia aimed to deemphasise the traditional Australian Uni Games social program and promote a divisional, national championship model of competition.

Nationals are comprised of two flagship events: the UniSport Nationals Div 1 and 2, and a number of standalone competitions throughout the year, including Nationals Snow, T20 cricket, 3×3 basketball, triathlon, and others. Both the Div 1 and 2 events will see more than 10,000 student-athletes head to the Gold Coast in the year to compete in 47 different sport competitions.

Click here for more on the University of Sydney’s 2019 Nationals Div 1 campaign. The 2018 results can be found here.