2023 William Martin (Rugby, B. Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science))

2023 Emily Watts (Cycling, B. Education (Health and Physical Education))

2022 Annabel Martin (Soccer, M. Media Practice)

2022 Toby Goldschmidt (Water Polo, B. Commerce and B. Laws)

2021 Hugh Bokenham (B. Liberal Arts and Science)

2021 Kal Glanznig (B. Commerce and B. Advanced Studies)

2020 Holly Caspers (Soccer, B. Commerce and B. Advanced Studies)

2019-2020 Christian Kyriakou (Water Polo, B. Science)2019 Clare Hunt (Soccer)

2018 Ryan Hebron (Australian Rules)

2017-2018 Hannah Buckling (Water Polo)

2017 Dugald Holloway (Cricket)

2016 Austin Lucy (Australian Rules)

2016 Madeline Rosenthal (Water Polo)

2015 Thomas Young (Australian Rules)

2015 Emily Chancellor (Rugby/Netball)

2014 Lavinia Chrystal (Snow Sports)

2013 Olivia Price (Sailing)

2011-2013 Prashanth Sellathuri (Gymnastics)

2012 Krystal Weir (Sailing)

2011 Caitlin De Wit (Wheelchair Basketball)

2010 Matthew Mitcham (Diving)

2009 Nathan Charles (Football)

2009 Eva Afeaki (Basketball)

2008 Jason Smith (Basketball)

2007-2008 Elizabeth Kell (Rowing)

2007 Thomas Carter (Football)

2005-2006 Elise Ashton (Water Polo)

2004-2005 Edward Cowan (Cricket)

2003-2004 Elise Norwood (Water Polo)

2003 Frazer Dowling (Athletics)

2003 Kylie Grant (Rowing)

2003 Grant Hardy (Boat)

2003 Libby Phelps (Rowing)

2002 Marie Gavel