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The University of Sydney’s “Thyne Reid” Boatshed at Burns Bay, Lane Cove, was officially opened in May 2017, more than 11 years after the previous boatshed, which served for 42 years, was destroyed by fire in March of 2006. The Boatshed is home to Sydney University Boat Club (SUBC) and includes a string of state-of-the-art features including;

  • The shed sits on 38 piles punched into the bedrock of Burns Bay. Each pile is concrete and reinforcing steel covered in a polyethylene sleeve.
  • The construction employs non-combustible materials.
  • The shed floor extends onto a large apron, 350 square metres, where boats can be rigged or washed.
  • A gangway off the apron connects the shed to a floating pontoon. The pontoon has two telescopic piles connected to its underside which enable it and the gangway to rise and fall with the tide. The pontoon allows up to two eights or six to eight sculls to launch simultaneously.
  • A small crane that can lift coaching boats out of the water and onto moveable dollies to store in the boatshed.
  • The boat storage space is airy and light-filled with high quality racking from Lowe and Hennessy.
  • The upper level integrates a large tallowwood deck, change and shower rooms, kitchen, toilets, air-conditioned large multipurpose room, coach’s office and communications room.
  • A unique winged-profile roof line offers shelter to a large portion of the generous balcony.
  • Vehicle entry and parking to ensure safe and convenient access off Burns Bay road plus high quality landscaping to the public park and a public jetty to provide access to the water for small water craft.

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Opening hours and contact information available here.