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The TAG Family Foundation Grandstand is a multi-sport facility located at the Sydney University Football Ground (SUFG) which is home to Sydney Uni Football Club (SUFC) and Sydney Uni Soccer Football Club (SUSFC).

Designed to provide the latest in comfort for 1,100 spectators atop the SUFG the state-of-the-art structure also features a suite of facilities underneath and around the grandstand. The site boasts an impressive two-level, high-performance strength and conditioning gym, named after its benefactor and rugby club stalwart, David Mortimer AM, as well as four spacious change rooms.

It hosts an array of club offices, the Bruce Ross Boardroom, a grounds storage area, a purpose-built medical room and a much needed lunch room for grounds staff. Adjacent to the change rooms are three indoor cricket nets, to be formally recognised as the Martin Lambert Cricket Centre.

The $13 million facility was officially opened in April, 2016 and has hosted a string of events including Blue & Gold Dinners, John Howard & Bob Hawke Honorary Degree Luncheons, various Workshops, Seminars and much more.

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