Our philosophy is to provide campers an opportunity to learn, keep fit and have fun in a safe, exciting and fun-filled environment. Through recognising the uniqueness of each child and young person, SUSF are committed to providing a quality sporting program that allows campers to develop socially, mentally, emotionally and physically.

SUSF recognises the significance of children and young people being involved in engaging and meaningful opportunities. Children are shaped by many experiences and are very capable at supporting one another as well as being resourceful and active contributors in their learning. The result is children who are able to become active members of society and who develop a strong sense of identity and wellbeing.

We teach skills using a game sense approach and emphasise values such as sportsmanship, sharing and cooperation. Our staff members are role models and leaders and are chosen for their welcoming and friendly nature and willingness to provide a caring and safe environment that provides high quality care for children.