The Sydney Uni Muay Thai Club is the home of Muay Thai and kickboxing at the University of Sydney. The Club proudly inherits Muay Thai’s 20-year long legacy at the University and is joined by Muay Thai practitioners and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Muay Thai often goes by the name of the “art of eight limbs”, with fighters recruiting their fists, elbows, knees and shins as they engage in stand-up striking and clinching. It is a traditional martial art and combat that originates from Thailand and is now practised worldwide and draws in practitioners from all backgrounds. The sport is renowned not only for its physical intensity but also its discipline, spirituality and the five values of respect, honour, fair play, excellence and tradition.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or completely new to Muay Thai, you’re welcome to train at the Club. Both university and non-university members can sign up.

Leading the training at our Club is head coach Chin-Liang (CL) Beh. CL pioneered Muay Thai and kickboxing at Sydney Uni in 1998 and has been running its classes for over 20 years. Our Club runs structured and unstructured training to help you learn Muay Thai at your pace.

Our 90-minute structured classes are led by the head coach, and take you through Muay Thai techniques, conditioning and fitness. Unstructured classes are ideal for refining your technique and fitness in your own time.

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