On Saturday night out at SOPAC at Homebush, Sydney University Elite athlete Allanah Pitcher claimed first in the 10000m walk becoming the 2023 NSW 10000M walks champion.

Pitcher received strong competition early from two-time World Junior competitor Taylah Billington, but Allanah was able to pull away in the end to win with her second-best overall career time of 46:02.81 in the championship race.

Allanah spoke about her overall plan within the race saying that she enjoys keeping the first 10 laps of the race in a comfortable position, to be able to see how the race is playing out, as well as seeing the overall pace of other athletes, Pitcher further on stated that the final 15 laps that she felt that she was in position to really start going for it, and that she still had a lot to give before the races ends.

On behalf of Sydney University, we would like to congratulate Allanah on this major accomplishment and wish her all the best for the upcoming year.