Students ready to fire in T20 UniSport Nationals

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The Unisport Nationals T20 Cricket Championship will be held in Adelaide, South Australia from the 20th – 24th November. This is the final sporting competition of 2023 to see who will importantly be crowned, overall winners of UniSport Nationals for 2023. Currently the penannts are split with both Sydney University and University of Technology Sydney sitting on top with 12 gold penannts each.

Last year’s T20 championship saw an upset ironically by the two heavyweights as the University of Technology defeated Sydney University in the final. With UTS winning by 18 runs.

This year’s event will see 12 teams competing over two pools. With games being played from Monday to Wednesday and the finals on both Thursday and Friday.

The University of Sydney would like to congratulate the list of players who will be attending in Adelaide.

  • Liam Chang
  • Ravi Wikramanayake
  • Mitchell Cotton
  • Cooper Walker-O’Loughlan
  • Dom Goddard
  • Vibhu Karthikeyan
  • Ali Bajwa
  • Flinders Zhang-Langley
  • Tom Siede
  • Henry Snyman
  • Darcy Manners
  • Tom Lynch
  • Jack Attenborough

Sydney University fixtures:

Monday 20th Tuesday 21st Wednesday 22nd Thursday 23rd Friday 24th
               – 10 am vs University of Western Australia 10 am vs University of Western Sydney 10am Quarters (TBC) 10am Finals (TBC)
2pm vs University of South Australia 2pm vs Macquarie University 2pm vs University of Tasmania 2pm Semi Finals (TBC)                –

An exciting week lies ahead for our team, we wish our athletes and staff all the best with the upcoming championships, as they look to bring home gold for the University.

Up the Students!


Results Update

Monday 20th of November


Vs University of South Australia

4/188 – Sydney University

  • Snyman – 71* (38)
  • Wikramanayake 50* (26)

10/88 -University of South Australia

  • Chang 3/13 (2)
  • Attenborough 2/3 (2)


Tuesday 21st of November


Vs The University of Western Australia

8/144- Sydney University

  • Lynch 39 (28)
  • Snyman 29 (18)

9/145- University of Western Australia

  • Siede 2/17 (3)
  • Karthikeyan 2/20 (4)


Vs Macquarie University

5/122 – Macquarie University

  • Chang 2/20 (4)
  • Kathikeyan 1/17 (4)

2/124 – Sydney University

  • Attenborough 46 (38)
  • Goodard 29 (34)