Lions head Super League ladders

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Sydney University Lions defeated New Zealand 14-6 in a Round 7 Men’s Super League 3 water polo battle at the Sydney Uni Sports and Aquatic Centre on Thursday.

The win kept the Lions at the head of the table, with ACU Cronulla second on goal differences, and UTS Balmain Tigers and UNSW Wests Magpies making up the top four.

Jacob Mercep led the scoring for the Lions with seven goals, with Toby Goldschmidt (2) and Goran Tomasevic, Drew McJannett, Michael Rosenthal, Hamish Hegarty and Tom McJannett also goaling.

The Lions are also now second behind ACU Cronulla Sharks on the Summer Metro 2 Open Division competition ladder with five wins and two losses. They accounted for UTS Balmain Tigers 18-8 at Dawn Fraser Baths on Saturday. Drew McJannett led the scoring with four goals, while Oscar Douglas (3), Ryan Goldschmidt (2), Edward Wydell, Hamish Hegarty and Tadija Pribokovic also contributed goals. And the Lions remain on top of the Summer Metro 3 competition despite their hard fought close 7-6 loss to second-placed UTS Balmain Tigers on Saturday. Ashton Brown, Troy Racklyeft, Cory Webber, Felix Pal and Rob Izzard scored for the Lions.

In another Summer Metro result, Sydney University M6 Blues lost 9-5 to Watsons Bay at Bexley Aquatic Centre on Tuesday. Lachlan McKenzie scored a double for the Lions, with Leonard Goweckie, Graham Kelso and Jesse Caselini also contributing goals. And Parramatta defeated Sydney University 8-6 in an M7 encounter at Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre on Tuesday. Samuel Dobney led the Lions scoring four goals, with Tom Pennell and Harrison Mitchell also goaling.

In the junior men’s ranks, Sydney University Blue maintained their lead in the Under 14A competition with a 19-0 win over UNSW Wests at Ashfield Aquatic Centre on Sunday, while Sydney University Gold lost 11-2 to UTS Balmain. Sydney University’s 14B Black side hold down second berth on goal difference behind SNB Breakers after their 8-6 result over UTS Balmain at Sydney Uni Sports and Aquatic Centre on Sunday. Joshua Cheng led the scoring with three goals, while Phoenix Brown (2), Peter Venetoulis, Eddy Liu and Edison Whalan also scored goals.

Sydney Uni Blue remains second behind UNSW Wests Magpies on the 16A ladder after their 7-all draw with the competition leaders at Ashfield Aquatic Centre on Sunday. while Orlando Mina scored a double for the University. The Lions 18A Blues remain on top of the ladder after their 9-7 result over UNSW Wests at Ashfield Aquatic Centre on Sunday. Ashton Brown and Zac Izzard each scored three for the Lions, with Lucas Blythe, Felix Pal and Lewis Saupin also goaling.

Sydney University also head the Women’s Super League 3 ladder after seven rounds, with Drummoyne Devils, UNSW Wests Killer Whales and UTS Balmain making up the top four.

The Lionesses defeated New Zealand 16-2 at Sydney Uni Sports and Aquatic Centre on Thursday. Sienna Green led the scoring with five goals, while Luci Marsh, Samantha Hardingham and Indigo Ditterick each bagged doubles. Maud Megans, Lucinda Gillis, Belle Humby, Danielle Morrissey and Madison Powells also goaled for the University.

The Lionesses also head the Division 1 Women’s 2 competition after their 9-6 result over UTS Balmain Tigers at Dawn Fraser Baths on Saturday. UTS Balmain Tigers accounted for Sydney University Thirds 4-3 on Saturday. Mia Glasel, Emily Fitzgerald and Jessica Xu scored for the Lionesses.

Sydney University Blues are running third behind Sydney Dolphins and SNB Breakers after five rounds of the Summer Metro W6 competition. They accounted for UTS 9-1 last Wednesday with Mia Halstead posting a double.

In the women’s junior ranks, Sydney Uni 14A Blues are running second behind UTS Balmain Black after six rounds. They accounted for UNSW Wests 16-2 at UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Centre on Sunday. Mia Pallant led the scoring with five goals, while Zoe Pollard and Chloe Hill scored trebles and Grace Miocevic bagged a double. Henrietta Robson, Bronte Faber and Jade Visch also scored goals for the Lionesses, with Mia Duffy and Sophia Carroll scoring for UNSW.

In the 14B competition, Sydney Northern Rays defeated Sydney Uni White 18-3 at the Aquatic Centre on Sunday. Sydney Uni Blues defeated UNSW Wests 5-1 in a 16A tussle at UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Centre on Sunday. Annabelle Waugh scored a treble for Sydney Uni, with Abigail Oates and Loren Peacock also goaling, while Laura Jones scored for UNSW. And Sydney University W16Bs accounted for SNB Breakers 15-4 at Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre on Sunday. Amy Whitelow and Elizabeth Shin each scored three goals, with Hannah Rose and Emily Jones scoring doubles and Sienna Christensen, Ashley Goldschmidt and Rosemarie Couchman also goaling. UNSW’s goals came from Eleanor Burgess, Charlotte Horbach, Rosalind Colla and Abigail Grey.

Sydney Uni lies second behind UTS Balmain in the women’s Under 18 competitions after six rounds, two of which were played at Ryde Aquatic Centre on Sunday. The Lionesses defeated Canberra Dolphins 18-5, with Lucy Levenberg-Penklis and Jemma Potts each scoring five goals and Ebony Nash and Ashlee Dobell each scoring four. They then accounted for SNB Breakers 10-7, with Ebony Nash scoring four goals and Jemma Potts, Ashlee Dobell and Lucy Levenberg-Penklis each contributing two goals.