Lockdown can’t dampen USYD Cheerleading’s spirit

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Following the onset of COVID-19 restrictions, cheerleading was one of the first sports to bear the brunt of the regulations, due to the nature of stuntingwhich precludes social distancing. Our bellowing chants also run a high COVID-19 risk. Although the world has tumbled and the Lions teams have regrettably not stunted in person since June 22ndstunting and tumbling are only some of the ingredients for the perfect cheer recipe.

Although people often look at the sport of cheerleading as a sum of parts: pyramid, dance and main stunt, none of these segments could be tossed together to create an effortless routine without community spirit. Since its genesis at crowded sports games to its transformation to a veritable sports pursuit today, cheerleading has cradled the virtue of teamwork and lifting each other up. Although the Lions members may be distanced within their houses, this spirit long lives on.

During lockdown, all three Lions teams have banded together as one to participate in bonding events. Members have engaged in friendly and fierce daily photo challenges, Kahoot competitions and a Survivor-style championship. The Club’s indefatigable head coach, Michelehas also been running fun themed training sessions twice a week over Zoom, ranging from honing in on our hip-hop skills or extending flexibility. By learning more about each other, growing closer together and refining our skills, the team can only emerge stronger as a squad after lockdown, ready to handspring back into action.

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