2021 Sporting Scholarship Recipients Announced

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Before 1990, young athletes needed to choose between pursuing a career in sport or a long-term commitment to study. Since then until today, the Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF) Elite Athlete Program (EAP) has been committed to ensuring students don’t have to compromise one for the other.

Over the past three decades, the EAP in partnership with the University of Sydney Sports Foundation (USSF) has awarded over 2,500 sporting scholarships and, this year, has added another 255 names to that list.

We are proud to announce our 2021 named sporting scholarship recipients.

Scholarship Recipient Sport Degree
Adam Spencer Taren King Soccer B. Education (Primary)
Aleksandra Pozder Mackenzie Little Athletics Doctor of Medicine
Allan Kendall Louis Corker Tennis B. Economics
Blue & Gold Club Hugh Bokenham Rugby B. Liberal Arts and Science
Blue & Gold Club Kal Glanznig Water Polo B. Commerce and B. Advanced Studies
Blues Association Lucy Coleman Rowing B. Engineering Honours (Aeronautical Engineering) and B. Project Management
Blues Association Darcy Breen Rugby B. Economics
Blues Association Sarah Wellfare Swimming B. Arts and B. Advanced Studies
Brian Fitzpatrick Alice Arnott Hockey M. Public Health
Bruce Ross Amar Hadid Skateboarding B. Liberal Arts and Science
Bruce Ross Kane Townsend Table Tennis PhD (Science)
BUPA Rebecca Bennett Athletics B. Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
BUPA Carmen Marton Taekwondo M. Business Administration
BUPA Hannah Buckling Water Polo Doctor of Medicine
Collins/Peasley Rohan Browning Athletics B. Laws
CommBank Nathaniel Tamwoy Rugby B. Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)
Corlett Family Marina Carrier Modern Pentathlon B. Medical Science
David Hynes Matthew Kelleher Baseball B. Laws
Elsie Harris Kristina Mah Karate PhD (Architecture)
Enrizen Dugald Holloway Cricket M. Commerce
Gavin Brown Henry Robertson Rugby B. Economics
Harvey Gordon Matthew Dyster Australian Football B. Science (Medical Science)
Jack Pross OAM Nicola McDermott Athletics B. Science
Jack Pross OAM Sean Szalek Athletics B. Economics
Jane Spring Tara Rigney Rowing B. Commerce
Kaye Dening AM Ella Fraser Tennis B. Science and B. Advanced Studies
Michael Luciano Yanni Plataniotis Soccer B. Commerce and B. Laws
Mick O’Sullivan Devlin Malone Cricket M. Physiotherapy
Mollie Dive OAM (Cricket) Rachel Trenaman Cricket B. Commerce and B. Advanced Studies
Mollie Dive OAM (Hockey) Jaime Hemmingway Hockey B. Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
Philip Rundle Joshua Clarke Athletics B. Commerce
Ralph’s Cafe/Panebianco Holly Wills Basketball B. Arts and B. Advanced Studies
Ray Hyslop OAM Aidan Hardiman Soccer B. Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science)
RC Mesley Ryan McElduff Cricket B. Commerce and B. Advanced Studies
Robert Smithies Josef Schuler Water Polo B. Commerce
Rodney Tubbs Jack Hiscox Australian Football B. Liberal Arts and Science
Ron Rushbrooke Alexander Cobb Baseball Doctor of Medicine
Ross Brown AM Alexandra Chen Snowsports Bachelor of Pharmacy
Warrick Segal Hannah Jones Soccer B. Engineering Honours (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)

Ed Smith, SUSF CEO, sent his heartfelt congratulations to this year’s scholarship winners, adding, “When you’re an athlete you’ve got so many demands on your time, and when you’re a student you’ve got so many demands on your time, but when you’re a student-athlete those pressures are immense.”

“To have a scholarship that will allow the athlete to both get resources that are essential to them and, services and benefits such as sport psychology, sports dieticians, strength & conditioning, academic tutoring, placement, and networking. All of those important things help an athlete enormously.”

Chair of the USSF, Jane Spring, also commented on the importance of fundraising to make these resources possible, noting also the return on investment for donors.

“What donors will see in return of their support is an athlete fulfilling their potential. They’ll have that opportunity to be connected to an athlete as they achieve both at University and on the sporting field and it’s the most rewarding thing you can do.”

On Tuesday, 8 June, Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness will host the 2021 Scholarships Evening which will premiere live on YouTube.

The inaugural 30-minute event will shine a deserving light on our sporting scholarship recipients for 2021; our kind scholarship benefactors; the USSF; and the machinery – the people and the minds – that makes success in sport at the University of Sydney possible.

Be sure to join MC, Tom Sacre, and a host of special guests on our YouTube channel from 7.30 pm.

If you’d like to support student athletes in their pursuit of sporting and academic excellence, donate today.