The newest sport on campus: Goalball

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Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF) strives to promote diversity and inclusion to enhance the student experience.

Back in April, SUSF hosted an Inclusive Sports Gala Day which was supported by NSW Goalball and Blind Sports NSW. It provided our community the chance to try various sports that have been modified specifically for people with blindness or low vision. Among those sports was Goalball.

On Wednesday, 5 May SUSF held its inaugural Goalball Competition as part of the Interfaculty Competition. In the 80-year history of Interfaculty Sport, this was the first time for a parasport to be included.

Goalball may be the newest sport on campus, but it has been well-received by students. For its first competition, 11 teams registered to compete and attracted close to 100 people. The day was incredibly entertaining for all involved. Congratulations to Engineering 2 for securing the win!

As with every sport in the Interfaculty Competition, points secured as winners or participants contribute towards the Emily Small Shield which is awarded at the end of the academic year.

This encouraging outcome has given SUSF the confidence to continuously develop inclusive initiatives.

Stay tuned via our socials for upcoming events.