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Sydney Uni Basketball is excited to announce the launch of its new High Performance Program, aimed at providing talented student-athletes with the opportunity to continue their basketball development while studying at Sydney University.

The High Performance Program is set to establish a men’s and women’s high performance squad consisting of 12 students each who will represent Sydney University in a number of inter-varsity events throughout 2021, including the inaugural University Basketball League (UBL). Members of the squads will also represent Sydney Uni Basketball in other events including 3×3 Hustle Championships, invitational tournaments and more.

Sydney Uni Basketball are thrilled to have secured the leadership of both Tom and Renae Garlepp to lead the prospective squads in the UBL next year. Tom and Renae will lead the delivery of a preseason training schedule for both squads, which will see squad members benefit from structured team and individual training throughout February and March in the lead up to the UBL. Squad members will also benefit from strength and conditioning training with Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness’ High Performance Manager Sam Pervan (formerly with the Sydney Kings).

The HP Program is designed to provide additional opportunities (on top of traditional club and state/national program commitments) to squad members, ensuring their studies and future are can be adequately supported while they continue to develop on the court. By providing opportunities to represent Sydney University in competitions such as the UBL, squad members will also benefit from the chance to play against talented basketballers across the country, gaining additional exposure in Australia’s basketball landscape.

Squad members who also gain entry to the Sydney Uni Elite Athlete Program (EAP) will receive the required support to successfully juggle the challenges of both their sporting and academic commitments. EAP members receive an array of support services including financial scholarships, academic support and counselling, access to sports nutrition and psychology services, as well as access to the University’s best sporting facilities. Sydney Uni Basketball understand the importance of providing its HP Program members with industry-leading support services to enable flexibility in both their sporting and academic pursuits. If you’re interested in joining the EAP in 2021, applications close Monday 21st December.

Trials for the High Performance Program squads will take place at the beginning of February, with current and prospective (2021) Sydney University students encouraged to register their interest here.

For more information on the new High Performance Squads, please click here.