Sometimes it feels like you are in a constant uphill battle with time. There is always a deadline to meet, somewhere to be or someone
to see. In-between these requests, you are trying to honour work and university deadlines, balance relationships with your social calendar and squeeze in meal prep and a workout because you still need your dose of #selfcare.

Sounds full on but for some, this is your reality. Perhaps you have mastered a method to the madness, however learning to say no more often might be the solution. Many times we say yes to unnecessary plans or hang-outs out of obligation even if it means we are committing to something we really don’t want to do.

While it’s never easy saying no, you need to find what feels right for you. Here are three reasons why saying no is okay.

Saves Time

In life, our most valuable resource is time. Saying yes can have a powerful impact on your career, relationships and future. But if you constantly say yes to every invitation thrown your way, when will you have time to switch off and recharge your batteries?

Spending time on things you don’t actually want to do is wasted time that could be spent on things that really bring you joy like having a quiet night in, enjoying a glass of wine over a good book or finally finishing that 5000-piece puzzle you’ve been putting off for a few weeks.

The point is, you are the master of your own time. As you begin to say no to the things that don’t feel aligned with what you want to do, gradually you’ll feel the subtle satisfaction that comes with self-honouring your personal boundaries.

You Can’t Please Everyone

When someone you care about invites you to a social event, you feel obliged to say yes, even if it means you’re not being realistic about your time commitments or personal needs.

It is time to debunk the myth that saying no to others makes you an inconsiderate person. We go to great lengths to please people especially if it means we can avoid conflict or confrontation. Remember, you’re not responsible for people’s reactions. Living life from a place of constantly wanting to please others can feel burdensome, frustrating and eventually lead to you being burnt out.

Saying no takes courage as it requires you to listen to your emotions and speak up. Despite how uneasy it may leave you feeling, be willing to feel those emotions and be okay with the knowing that what you have decided to do is more important than what others think.

As you practice this, you are strengthening the muscle to create boundaries and progressively it’ll become easier to say no in the future.

Improves Productivity

Saying yes is often a default setting for many of us, hence why saying no doesn’t come naturally. Developing the confidence to say no will take time but as you continually choose to put yourself first, soon enough it will feel empowering. That sense of empowerment comes from knowing you are living life on your own terms.