Sydney University Names Initial Australian Boat Race Squad

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The University of Sydney is pleased to announce its initial men’s and women’s squad ahead of the 2019 Australian Boat Race.

This year the Sydney boats will be spearheaded by the winning U23 pairs (male and female) from the National Rowing Championships.

Marcus Britt and Will O’Shannessy who won the men’s U23 national pairs this year will be prominent in the men’s boat, while Dyone Bettega and Tara Rigney who won the women’s U23 pairs will lead the women’s boat.

Ahead of final preparations both Marcus and Dyone have spoken about looking forward to the race on the Yarra River in Melbourne on Saturday, 12 October.

“This is my 4th time competing, and I am greatly looking forward to this year’s race being a competitive race, with each crew will be asking more of each other than ever before,” Marcus said.

“I am excited to race with and against mates, and prove which University is better once again.”

 “The Boat Race is a competition not like any other,” Dyone continued.

“Other regattas on the calendar give you chances, chances to win and lose on your way to the final and perhaps the podium. The Australian Boat Race gives no such luxury, it can be a brutal event and often comes down to a few strokes where one crew takes hold of the lead, and the Boat Race is unforgiving if you don’t time this well.”


  1. Wallis Russell            

  2. Dyone Bettega

  3. Tara Rigney

  4. Kate Rowan

  5. Lauren Graham        

  6. Harriet Hudson

  7. Carina Simpson (alumni)

  8. Georgie Masters

  9. Dani Stuart

  10. Lizzie Treloar

  11. Michaela Franz

  12. Lucy Coleman

  13. Bianca Gillet

  14. Kelly Drenth

  15. Jaime Ford


  1. Will O’Shannessy

  2. Marcus Britt

  3. Morgan Brooking

  4. Andrew Judge (alumni)

  5. Jake Bicknell                              

  6. Jordan Duff

  7. Kieran Riach

  8. Tom Anderson

  9. Finn Blake

  10. Wyatt Batt


  1. Talia Barnett-Hepples

  2. Andrew Le

  3. Will Raven (alumni)

Final crews will be announced in the coming weeks as the extended squad focuses on race preparations.

The University of Sydney will be looking towards a repeat run of last year’s race where both crews secured the sweet double victory to retain the Edmund Barton Trophy (men’s race) and Bella Guerin Trophy (women’s race).

This year’s event will also feature the leading men’s and women’s college crews with Wesley College representing Sydney University in the women’s college event and St Andrew’s in the men’s college event.