Sydney University sealed at finals berth in the NEAFL competition with a 19-point win overt Redland at Scottsdale Park on Saturday.

The Students 16.13 (109) to 13.12 (90) win saw them jump from sixth to fourth on the ladder, with Sydney and Aspley losing their Round 20 encounters.

Harry Morrison and Lewis Stevenson each kicked three goals for the winners.

Stevenson backed up his goal-scoring with with 37 disposals, 10 inside 50s and six rebound 50s.

He was well supported by young midfielder Jake Bartholomaeus, who collected 34 disposals, 11 clearances, five inside 50s and a goal.

After weathering the storm in the first term, Sydney University upped the ante in the second quarter when they posted nine goals to take a 26-point lead into the main break.

Redland cut the margin to just seven after less than 10 minutes of the third term before Sydney University steadied and pushed the margin out to 31 points going into the last quarter.

Sydney University will meet defending premiers Southport at Fankhauser Reserve in the final round of the season proper.




NEAFL – Round 20


Sydney University 16.13: 109 (Harry Morrison 3, Lewis Stevenson 3, Thomas Banuelos 2, Tristan Davies 2, Nicholas Foster, Jack Hiscox, Montgomery Krochmal, Jake Bartholomaeus, William Sierakowski, Joshua Stern) defeated Redland 13.12: 90 (Matthew Hammelmann 5, Samson Ryan 2, Cameron Spence, Matthew Thomson, Jai Kennealy, Craig Malone, Clay Cameron,

Justin Currie) at Scottsdale Park on Saturday.

Best players

Redland: Damian Steven Mitchell Stallard, Luke O’Sullivan, Bruce Reville, Matthew Hammelmann, Phillip Carse.

Sydney University: Lewis Stevenson, Jake Bartholomaeus, Timothy Barton, Thomas Banuelos, Harry Morrison, Samuel Tagliabue.


Sydney Premier Division – Round 18


Premier Division: Pennant Hills 12.12: 84 (Theo Moraitis 3, Jackson Preedy 3, Mark Sheather 2, Ted Widmer, Charles Allison, Matthew Carey, Thomas Edmonds) defeated Sydney University 9.12: 66 (Malcolm Picken 3, Aaron Day 2, David Johnson, Austin Lucy, Nicholas Bertino, Marcus Valastro) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players:

Sydney University: Tom Dunlop, David Johnson, Nicholas Bertino, Allister Clarke, Aaron Day, Lewis McNamara.

Pennant Hills: Mark Sheather, Harry Maguire, Stephen Wray, Campbell Luscombe, Charles Allison, Cooper Lee.


Reserve Grade: Pennant Hills 9.12: 66 (Anthony Brawn 2, Lloyd Shepherd 2, Jordan Rene, Alex Goodall, Connor Matthews, Jake Gunstone, Brett Thompson) Sydney University 8.7: 55 (James Lees 3, Luke Freemantle 2, Lachlan Bennetts-Inkster, Denim Loffley, Matthew Dyster) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Thomas Van Dongen, Josh Toyer, Lachlan Bennetts-Inkster, James Dunlop, James Lees, Matthew Dyster.

Pennant Hills: Kieron Coaldrake, Tim Scoular, Nathan Mace, Lloyd Shepherd, Luke Turner, Jordan Le Lay.


Division One: Sydney University 8.9: 57 (James Mason 2, Jack Gardiner 2, Joshua Cutrupi, Billy Lambert, William Thredgold, David Starkey) defeated Randwick City Saints 6.6: 42 (Ashlee Azhar 5, Nicholas Poerio) at Pioneers Park on Saturday.

Best players

Randwick City Saints: Ashlee Azhar, Lachlan Edmunds, Luke Maunder, Nicholas Poerio, Gus Ducasse, Luke Course.

Sydney University: Angus MacDougall, Rhys Fletcher, Sean Stokoe, Dean Crawford, Stephen Kenny, Michael Gazeas.


Division Two: Sydney University 6.10: 46 (Andrew Kraefft 2, Angus Malmo, Adam Lyons, Paul Oscar, Gabriel Robbie) drew with Pennant Hills Demons 7.4: 46 (Alexander Huggins 2, Johnathan Hookey 2,

Alexander Rashleigh, Michael Fiedler, Jak Stromquist) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Ewan MacDonald, Ewan Spinks, Gabriel Robbie, Angus Malmo, Chas Wilkinson, A. Lyons.

Pennant Hills Demons: Michael Fiedler, Joshua Natoli, Mitchel de

Vries, Alexander Rashleigh, Jack Watkins, Mathew Miles.


Division Three: Sydney University 7.15: 57 (Geordie Maclean, Alex

Antoniazi, Luke Strasiotto, Jack Jensen, Thiha Hoe, Nicholas Maclean, Liam Kirby) defeated Campbelltown Blues 7.9: 49 (Ross Bailey 2, Nicholas Wright 2, Emerson De Francesco , Nick Henley, Cameron Riley) at Monarch Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Campbelltown Blues: Derek Ellis, Cameron Riley, Joshua O’Brien, Chris Schafer, Jake Baker, Nicholas Wright.

Sydney University: Luke Strasiotto, Liam Kirby, Chester Travers, Matthew Jensen, Jack Jensen, Liam Cavell.


Under 19 Division One: Sydney University defeated Pennant Hills on

forfeit at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.


Under 19 Division Two: Sydney University defeated Penrith Rams on

forfeit at Sydney University Oval on Sunday.


Sydney Women’s Premier Division – Round 17


Premier Division: Macquarie University 1.3: 9 ( Amanda Farrugia) defeated Sydney University Bombers 1.2: (Lara Creber) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Kristen Hay, Louise Stephenson, Andrea Roditis, Meg Haynes, Jennifer Lew, Zoe Hurrell.

Macquarie University: Sera Kaukiono, Liz Fassone, Lisa Steane, Megan Lawrence, Amanda Farrugia, Meagan Kiely.


Round 18


Division Two: Sydney University Bombers 7.0: 42 (Alice Wood 2, Nisharnthi Duggan 2, Sarah Marschke, Samantha McCormick, Julia Mathers) defeated Macquarie University 0.2: 2 at Macquarie University Oval at on Saturday.

Best players

Macquarie University: Monika Keczkowska, Anika Ferrari, Jennifer Rowley, Alicia Frayne, Eliza Smyth, Bethanie Rohde.

Sydney University: Isabella Gray, Samantha McCormick, Chaylee Reeve, Teodora Von Arnim, Nisharnthi Duggan, Georgia Davis.