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The Sydney Premier Division AFL minor premiership is going down to the wire with four rounds of the competition proper to be played.

While competition leaders UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs are favourites to lead the way into the finals, having dropped just one game in 14 rounds, Sydney University have been nipping at their heels for much of the season.

UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs are on 48 points, with Sydney University (48), North Shore Bombers (44), Pennant Hills Demons (36), East Coast Eagles (32) and Inner West Magpies (24) making up the top six.

But Sydney University’s draw for the final four rounds gives them a chance or levelling with the Bulldogs, or overtaking them. Sydney University will host Inner West Magpies this Saturday, take on St George Dragons at Olds Park on 3 August and round out the competition proper hosting UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs on 10 August and Pennant Hills Demons on 17 August.

Sydney University stayed in touch with the competition leaders with a 91-point win over Camden Cats at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Timothy Cordner and Michael Nettheim led the scoring with four goals each, while Samuel Gilfedder kicked three in the 128-37 result.

Sydney University also won the Reserve Grade, Division One and the Under 19 Divisions One and Two fixtures, while Camden won the Division Two clash.




Sydney Premier Division – Round 14


Premier Division: Sydney University 19.14: 128 (Timothy Cordner 4, Michael Nettheim 4, Samuel Gilfedder 3, David Johnson 2, Daniel Smith 2, William Stratford 2, Ned Stewart, Jack Fox) defeated Camden Cats 5.7: 37 (Brendan Coxall, Jarrod Coomby, Timothy Georgiou, Shane Doherty, Brandon Lovric) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players:

Sydney University: David Johnson, Daniel Smith, Michael Nettheim, Nicholas Bertino, Thomas Byrnes, Samuel Gilfedder. Camden Cats: Lachlan Maples, Jarrod Coomby, Kerwin Stuart, William Gamble, Brendan Coxall, Connor Passlow.


Reserve Grade: Sydney University  13.17: 95 (Brendan Ford 4, James Lees 3, Riley Lucas 2, Adam Fiene 2, Tom Morrison, Angus McNamara) defeated Camden Cats 4.9: 33 (Christopher Murray, Matt Lecek, Gordon Cameron, Joel Upfill) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Tom Morrison, David Gardiner, Kyle Underwood, Daragh Mullen, Angus McNamara, Ben Fitzpatrick.

Camden Cats: John Murtagh, Craig Trewhella, Gordon Cameron, Blake McCrossen, Matt Lecek, Bradley McGrath.


Division One: Sydney University 8.11: 59 (Ned Rohrt 2, Joshua Toyer 2, Gabriel Orr, James Mason, Chas Wilkinson, Aron Lazaridis) defeated Nor-West Jets 3.6: 24 (Nick Steffan, Ben McGovern, Taffy Lewis) at Bensons Lane on Saturday.

Best players

Nor-West Jets: Ben McGovern, Nick Steffan, Aaron Bayne, Bradley Pond, Bradley Gibbons, Bradley. Burn.

Sydney University: James Mason, Josh Gregory, Jack Hollywood, Dean Crawford, Joshua Toyer, Gabriel Orr.


Division Two: Camden Cats 6.8: 44 (Beau Snellman 2, Jihad Ykmour, John Murtagh, Julian Bines, Chris Glynn) defeated Sydney University 4.9: 33 (Oscar Gibbins 3, Jack Pullinger) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Jack Pullinger, Lewis Verrell, Peter Schmidt, Brandon Nelson, Oscar Gibbins.

Camden Cats: Beau Snellman, John Murtagh, Daniel McKay, Chris Glynn, Josh Barbaro, Brenton Sommerville.


Division Three: Nor-West Jets 9.7: 61 (Matthew Hanlon 2, Luke Hodges 2, Scott Braid, Charles Lawson, Kurt Jones, Harrison Coutis, Jesse Whitelaw) defeated Sydney University 7.6: 48 (Matthew Jensen 3, Jack Jensen 3, Patrick McGrath) at Bensons Lane on Saturday.

Best players

Nor-West Jets: Brett Pitt, Matthew Hanlon, Coby Whitelaw, Stephen Davidson, Charles Lawson, Daniel Williams.

Sydney University: Isaac Summers, Jacob Reddie, Patrick McGrath, Jack Jensen, Alex Antoniazi, Matthew Jensen


Under 19 Division One: Sydney University 24.13: 157 (Ben Davis 5, Jack Pullinger 4, Riley Holmes 3, Luke Gallen 3, Nicholas Lees 2, Cooper Searle 2, Aniket Sharma, Jotaro Howard-Shibuya, Ewan MacDonald, Gulliver Hull, Billy Chudleigh) defeated Camden Cats 2.2: 14 (Miles Dent, Keegan

Passlow) at Fairfax Reserve on Saturday.

Best players

Camden Cats: Miles Dent, Euan Colquhoun, Cameron Almond, Joshua Gleeson, Cameron Johnstone, Keegan Passlow.

Sydney University: Nicholas Lees, Luke Gallen, Ewan MacDonald, Timothy Adams, Cooper Searle, Jack Pullinger.


Under 19 Division Two: Sydney University 12.13: 85 (William Gibbs 4, Dylan Smyth 2, Luca Roncolato 2, Joshua Gibbs 2, Joshua Macdessi, Lucas Ward) defeated South-West Blues 2.4: 16 (David Whyman, Christopher Walker) at Monarch Oval on Saturday.

Best players

South-West Blues: Jarrod Deans, Scott Waddell, Elijah Barry, Brohdy Baker, Joshua Irons, Trysten Stanmore.

Sydney University: Lewis Verrell, Dylan Abdurahman, Nicholas Kohlrusch, Joshua Macdessi, Lachlan Jones.


NEAFL – Round 16

Sydney University: bye.


Sydney Women’s Premier Division – Round 12

Premier Division: East Coast Eagles 8.10: 58 (Elizabeth Wilson 3, Delma Gisu 2, Madeleine Ferguson, Emily Goodsir, Shannon Smit) defeated Sydney University Bombers 0.1: 1 at Kanebridge Oval on Saturday.

Best players

East Coast Eagles: Renee Tomkins, Emily Goodsir, Sarah Ford, Madeleine Ferguson, Caelah Stanley, Chloe Arndt.

Sydney University: Kristen Hay, Andrea Roditis, Breanne Goschnick, Maryanne Harley, Esther Maling, Stephanie Gillon.


Division Two: Sydney University 6.3: 39 (Kristen Hay 3, Stephanie Gillon, Amy Foo, Aiofe McDonnell) defeated Southern Power 1.6: 12  (Jemima Wrigley) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Kristen Hay, Jennifer Lew, Zoe Hurrell, Louise Stephenson, Andrea Roditis, Maryanne Harley.

Southern Power: Alexa Cardassilaris, Kathryn Hull, Michelle Podnecky, Jemima Wrigley, Kyka Tracey, Emily Eaves.