Photo Credit: Keith McInnes/NEAFL

Sydney University’s Australian Football Club franked its Round 1 efforts with big wins in the NEAFL, Sydney Premier Division 1, Premier Under 19 and Sydney Women’s Premier Division at the weekend.

Tristan Davies bagged seven goals in the Students 83-point win over Northern Territory Thunder at Blacktown International Sports Park on Saturday.

Sydney University racked up 21 majors in the 21.14 (140) to 7.15 (57) demolition of the Territorians.

The Students held a 39-point lead at the first break and a 34-point lead at the main break before cutting loose in the third quarter to open up a 60-point break.

Sydney University co-captain Sam Tagliabue told NEAFL’s Kaiser Shields he was pleased the team had backed up their Round 1 effort.

 “We are really happy with how we have started this season,” he said. “It’s good to back it up after last week.

“NT Thunder is obviously a very dangerous side with a lot of really talented footballers who can be really damaging up forward, so we got our hands on the footy and controlled the tempo a little bit and were able to hit the scoreboard.

“We have a bye next week so we’ll just recover. We have a number of errors that we want to work on so just really getting that consistency would be our main thing.”

Meanwhile, Sydney University’s Premier I side posted a 91-point win over Camden Cats at Fairfax Reserve on Saturday.

The Students had 11 scorers, with Timothy Cordner and William Stratford each posting three, and Samuel Gilfedder, Damien Bonney, Tom Ayton, Michael Nettheim and Tom Dunlop each collecting doubles in the 21.14 (140) to 7.15 (57) win.

Amber Laven and Amy Foo each scored three goals in Sydney University’s 65-point win over Newtown Breakaways in the Sydney Women’s Premier Division I Round 2 match at Mahoney Park on Saturday.

The Students dominated the contest in the 9.14 (68) to 0.3 (3) result.


NEAFL competition – Round 2

Sydney University 21.14: 140 (Tristan Davies 7, Nicholas Foster 4, Bailey Stewart 3, Joshua Stern 2, Timothy Barton, Nathan Coxall, Jake Bartholomaeus, Sam Fong, Jack Hiscox) defeated Northern Territory Thunder 7.15: 57 (William Farrer 2, Trent Melville 2, Kieran Delahunty, Samuel Talbot, Braedon McLean) at Blacktown International Sports Park on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University:   Jack Dimery, Bailey Stewart, Adam Gulden, Joshua Stern, Tristan Davies, Nicholas Foster.

NT Thunder:  Benjamin Rioli, Daniel Weetra, Joe Anderson, Braedon McLean, Jacob Templeton.


Sydney Premier Division – Round 2

Premier 1: Sydney University 20.12: 132 (Timothy Cordner 3, William Stratford 3, Samuel Gilfedder 2, Damien Bonney 2, Tom Ayton 2, Michael Nettheim 2, Tom Dunlop 2, Cameron Williams, Adam Birman, Riley Lucas, David Johnson) defeated Camden Cats 6.5: 41 (Mark Maher, Kerwin Stuart, Mitchall Broadstock, Mitchell Sapiatzer, Baily McParland, Jordan Ware) at Fairfax Reserve on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Spencer Krochmal, Samuel Gilfedder, Tom Ayton, David Johnson, Cameron Williams, Timothy Cordner.

Camden Cats: Damon Franke, Baily McParland, Lachlan Maples, Timothy Georgiou, Michael Coleman, Nathan Kenny.


Reserve Grade: Sydney University 13.12: 90 (Matthew Powys 5, James Lees 2, Samuel Lawson 2, Samuel Jensen, James Dunlop, Luke Barbato, Jack Jones) defeated Camden Cats 7.5: 47 (Blake McCrossen 2, Bradley McGrath, Rhys Newham, Brandon Lovric, Matt Lecek, Blake Pearce) at Fairfax Reserve on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Jack Fox, Matthew Powys, Kyle Underwood, Nik Dale, Christopher Reichman, Bailey Scotney.

Camden Cats:  Craig Trewhella, Blake McCrossen, Flynn Fielding, William Wylie, Louis Aliphon, James Gooden.


Sydney Men’s Division One – Round 2

Division One: Sydney University 17.9: 111 ( Michael Gazeas 4, Stephen Kenny 3, Ned Rohrt 2, James Mason 2, Michael Fogarty 2, Riley Holmes, Ronan Geraghty, Hugh Greenwood, Ben Davis) defeated Nor-West Jets 10.3: 63 ( Rick Ooms 3, Taffy Lewis 2, Finn Miller, Michael Sieders, Scott Braid, Ben McGovern, Alexander Fidler) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Sean Stokoe, Michael Gazeas, Michael Fogarty, Hugh Greenwood, Jotaro Howard-Shibuya.

Nor-West Jets: Brent Johnston, Ethan Coombs, Ryan Johnston, Finn Miller, Aiden Sharvell, Rick Ooms.


Division Two: Camden Cats 7.10: 52 (Matthew Wells 2, Ben Laid 2, Stephen Mann 2, Rhys Newham) defeated Sydney University 7.8: 50 (Andrew Kraefft 3, David Starkey 2, Joshua Gibbs, George Morgan) at Fairfax Reserve on Saturday.

Best players

Camden Cats: Mark Irving, Jared Mullaney, Timothy Wright, Thomas Glynn, Rhys Newham, Stuart Farnell.

Sydney University: Joshua Toyer, Lachlan Johnson, Kieran Matic, David Starkey, Andrew Kraefft, William Wright.


Division Three: North Shore Bombers 9.11: 65 (Gordon Smith 3, Tristan Mears 2, Dario Phillips, Ross Fitzpatrick, Todd Short, Harry McCutcheon) defeated Sydney University 5.8: 38 (Matthew Jensen 2, Jim Beard, Dale Halliday, Patrick McGrath) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players:

North Shore Bombers: Nicholas Cavenagh, Harry Elliott, Maximilian Minack, Ross Fitzpatrick, Ryan Perry, Gordon Smith.

Sydney University: Dale Halliday, Louis Mosmann, Matthew Jensen, Jim Beard, Jack Jensen, Patrick McGrath.


Under 19 Division One: Sydney University (Jack Pullinger 4, Luke Gallen 2, Brendan Ford 2, Cooper Searle, Andreas Apostolou) defeated UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs (Jack Sorenson 2, Ashley Backlund 2, Michael French, Brendan McMorrow, Ethan Hart, Thomas Ingram, Jack Willis, Oscar Peter) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players:

Sydney University: Billy Chudleigh, Josef Wilks, Che Munro, Jack Pullinger, Luke Gallen.

UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs: Jack Rheinberger, Harrison Dyson, Jack Hill, Ethan Hart, Oscar Peter, Adam Dunkley.


Under 19 Division Two: Sydney University 10.66: 66 (Ward Lucas 2, Riley Dorn 2, Lewis Verrell, Brendan Borodyansky, Jonathan Hooper, Angus Cutbill, Hugo Charlton, Jack Hauschild) defeated South West Blues 5.17: 47 (Lachlan May 2, TJ Stanmore 2, Brohdy Baker) at Greenway Park on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Lewis Verrell, Timothy Adams, Brendan Borodyansky, Finn Crowley, Oliver Morgan-August, Ward Lucas.

South West Blues:  TJ Stanmore, Luke Wiegold, Lachlan May, Brohdy Baker, Huw Davies, Scott Waddell.


Sydney Women’s Premier Division – Round 2

Division One: Sydney University Bombers 9.14: 68 (Amber Laven 3, Amy Foo 3, Stephanie Gillon, Maryanne Harley, Samantha McCormick) defeated Newtown Breakaways 0.3: 3 at Mahoney Park on Saturday.

Best players:

Sydney University:  Zoe Hurrell, Amy Foo, Breanne Goschnick, Pippy Clegg, Maryanne Harley, Kristen Hay.

Newtown Breakaways:  Shannon Macready, Hayley Warren, Chavvauhn Calver, Clare Deegan, Georgia Brashaw.