Photo: TJ Yelds/NEAFL

Sydney University opened the AFL season with wins in the NEAFL competition, Sydney Premier Division, Sydney Division One, Under 19 Division One and Sydney Women’s Premier Division.

Tristan Davies kick five goals and Josh Stern bagged four in the NEAFL side’s 15.17 (107) to 9.6 (60) win over Brisbane’s Aspley club at Blacktown International Sports Park on Saturday.

The Students set the tone of the match in the first quarter when they racked up a 21-point lead with some up tempo running football. They increased the lead to 34 points at the main break on the back of some quality work from new acquisition Jake Veale who controlled the midfield with 31 disposals.

Sydney University coach Tom Morrison was happy with the result, particularly as the Students had nine players on debut.

“We were pretty confident we were going to give a good account of ourselves, but you don’t know until Round 1,” he told neafl.com.au. “I was just rapt with how well the boys stuck to the game plan and the pressure they applied.

“In the periods of the game where Aspley did have control and kicked a few goals and looked like they were coming, I thought the group stepped up and showed really good resilience which I am very proud of.”

Sydney University will be up against Northern Territory Thunder in a Round 2 clash at Blacktown International Sports Park this Saturday.

Meanwhile, Timothy Cordner kicked four of Sydney University’s 17 goals in the 131-42 win over St George Dragons in the Sydney Premier Division season opener at University Oval.

Ned Stewart kicked three, while William Stratford, Michael Nettheim, Samuel Gilfedder and Daniel Smith each landed two goals in the big win.

The Students will meet Camden Cats in a Round 2 clash at Fairfax Reserve this Saturday.




NEAFL competition – Round 1

Sydney University 15-17: 107 (Tristan Davies 5, Josh  Stern 4, Nathan Coxall, Samuel Tagliabue, Jack Dimery, Lewis Stevenson, Austin Lucy, Edward Cole) defeated Aspley 9-6: 60 (William Murphy 3, Jonathan Freeman 3, Luca Mason, Benjamin Warren, Connor Stackelberg) at Blacktown International Sports Park on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University:  Jake Veale, Tristan Davies, Bailey Stewart, Joey Reinhard, Lachlan Kilpatrick.

Aspley:  Jordon Arnold, James Ives, Gavin Grose, Jordan Hayden, William Wolbers.


Sydney Premier Division – Round 1

Premier 1: Sydney University 17.29: 131 (Timothy Cordner 4, Ned Stewart 3, William Stratford 2, Michael Nettheim 2, Samuel Gilfedder 2, Daniel Smith 2, Montgomery Krochmal, Andrew Sierakowski) defeated St George Dragons 6.6: 42 (Matthew Saunders 2, Aaron Christensen, Ethan Maher, Riley Waters, Brenden Dimevski) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: William Sierakowski, Andrew Sierakowski, Timothy Cordner, Michael Nettheim, Cameron Williams, Thomas Byrnes.

St George Dragons: Liam Bognar, Riley Irvin, Tyler Gorman-Brown, Dominic Michalak, Matthew Saunders, Shannon. Randell.


Reserve Grade: Sydney University 15.14: 104 ( Riley Lucas 6, Malcolm Picken 3, Harry Lalor, Hamish Lelliott, Matthew Powys, James Lees, Matt Akehurst, Christopher Reichman) defeated St George Dragons 7.6: 48 (Declan Donohue 3, Christopher Belcheff, Blake Guthrie, Zac Newton, David Lycakis) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Matt Akehurst, Riley Lucas, Malcolm Picken, Nik Dale, Christopher Reichman, Kyle Underwood.

St George Dragons: Nelson Carey, Thomas Kannan, Bayley Johnson, Travis O’Grady, Blake Guthrie, Declan Donohue.


Sydney Men’s Division One – Round 1

Division One: Sydney University 9.13: 67 (Adam Fiene 3, Hamish Klemp 2, Luke Barbato, Ned Rohrt, Jack O’Halloran, Kyall Homberg) defeated Wollondilly Knights 3.4: 22 (Jesse Dransfield, Jason Haddock, William Wardle) at Hannaford Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Ronan Geraghty, William Thredgold, Samuel Power, Luke Barbato, Luke Freemantle, Sean Stokoe.

Wollondilly Knights:  Riley Mitchell, Jason Haddock, Shaun Paget, Corey Rutland, Edward Wardle, Russell Andrews.


Division Two: Sydney University 8.7: 55 (Andrew Kraefft 3, William Wright, Ewan Spinks, Gabriel Robbie, Matthew Jensen, Jim Beard) defeated St George Dragons 7.7: 47 (Christopher MacDougal 2, Jack Guthrie, Macauley Crossan, Jason Gasovski, Patrick Heptinstall, Steve He) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University:  Ben Fitzpatrick, Andrew Kraefft, Gabriel Robbie, Jim Beard, Dylan Rakich, Caleb St.Ather.

St George Dragons: Jack Guthrie, Macauley Crossan, Jackson Okunbor, Wilson Murray, Jeremy Harvey, Jason Gasovski.


Division Three: Camden Cats 12.16: 88 (Jihad Ykmour 3, Ricky Harman 3, Bailey Kennedy, Jarrod Campbell, Joel Wheeler, Joel Upfill, Beau Snellman ) defeated Sydney University 3.6: 24 ( Tomas Edwards, Tom Morrison, Liam Doyle) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players:

Camden Cats:  Beau Snellman, Joel Upfill, Lochlan Tipper, Matthew Preston, Nathan Lewis, Ricky Harman.

Sydney University: Tom Morrison, Liam Kirby, Chas Wilkinson, William Porley, Krishan Maheepala, Gabriel Beech-Jones.


Under 19 Division One: Sydney University 13.14: 92 (Wesley Greenaway 3, Blake Byrne 2, Cooper Searle 2, Aniket Sharma, Matthew Dyster, Jack Pullinger, Luke Gallen, Josef Wilks, Jordan Hill) defeated St George Dragons 4.5: 29 (Daniel Travers, Josh Hollands, Daniel Widders, Harry Challen) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players:

Sydney University: Justin Raja, Thomas Van Dongen, Aniket Sharma, Dylan Abdurahman, Wesley Greenaway, Cooper Searle.

St George Dragons: Joshua Brennan, Lachlan Querzoli, Kye Pfrengle, Francis Crossle, Keegan Quinn, Joshua Higgs.


Under 19 Division Two: Sydney University 15.9: 99 (Jonathan Hooper 4, Dylan Smyth 3, Oscar Sachs 2, Angus Cutbill 2, Bryson Hart 2, Luke Asnicar, Timothy Adams) defeated Southern Power 2.7: 19 (Jordan Finn-Farrugia, Liam George) at Waratah Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Joshua Lee, Timothy Adams, Jonathan Hooper, Oscar Sachs, Dylan Smyth, Lewis Verrell.

Southern Power: Jordan Finn-Farrugia, Joshua Moors, Jake Anderson, Antonio Volpe, Travis Harvey, Christopher Davidson.


Sydney Women’s Premier Division – Round 1

Division One: Sydney University Bombers 4.6: 30 (Amy Foo 2, Serika Shillingsworth, Erin Doyle) defeated UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 3.6: 24 (Rebecca Privitelli 2, Madelaine Kohlrusch) at the Village Green on Saturday.

Best players:

Sydney University: Maryanne Harley, Andrea Roditis, Amy Foo, Megan Asquith, Pippy Clegg, Isadora McLeay.

UNSW Eastern Suburbs: Tait Mackrill, Shelby Koh, Alison Parkin, Rebecca Privitelli, Sandra Janjetovic, Madeleine Kohlrusch.