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Since 2009 Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness has given its members the opportunity to formally have their say through our member survey; each year asking them what they like and where they’d like to see SUSF improve.

The valuable feedback provided on the facility, staff, programs and overall SUSF experience has informed some of the positive changes implemented over the years, from little things, like taking ROAR Magazine online to the expansion of the Sports & Aquatic Centre gym floor, twice in five years.


“At times it is hard to have a good workout as there are too many people and not enough equipment.” 2011 Member Survey

The rise of comments like this in the early 2010s preceded Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness’ decision to initiate a $15 million extension and refurb at the Sports & Aquatic Centre in August 2013. The gym nearly doubled in floor space with new equipment installed and a far greater stretching and free weights area made available to members. Around this time, the Arena Sports Centre gym also received a revamp with the installation of fresh wall designs and new equipment. 

However with an appetite for an even more modern and spacious gym, members continued asking: “The gym gets pretty crowded and is looking a bit old – how about an update?” 2016 Member Survey 

When an opportunity presented itself in 2017 to further expand the Sports & Aquatic Centre gym, we took it, knocking down walls and extending the gym space by 350m². This came with a myriad of new equipment including a 17-metre sled track, two TRX stations, assault bikes, branded weight plates and a Hammer Strength HD Athletic Rig.

While we are always striving to further improve our facility, in 2018, we saw many members proffer positive comments on the quality of the new space: “Overall a great centre with good facilities. Very happy with the renovations, makes the experience a lot better.” 2018 Member Survey


Our Group Fitness program has grown exponentially over the last 10 years and has never been in better shape. This has in part been thanks to the feedback of our dedicated group fitness goers. Prior to 2013, some members may recall the Group Fitness Studio being attached to the Sports & Aquatic Centre gym floor, however as the program’s popularity grew, we began to see feedback like this: “more space for the fitness classes please – they can be very crowded.” 2012 Member Survey

Following the Group Fitness Studio’s expansion and relocation in 2013 to its own state-of-the-art space atop Brydens Stadium, crowding was no longer a common theme in member feedback. What became more popular, however, were suggestions to better the Group Fitness timetable, based on member preferences. “Can we have more mid-week lunchtime classes?” 2015 Member Survey

We currently offer nine Les Mills lunchtime classes across the Group Fitness and RPM Studios, plus two lunchtime UNLEASH sessions in the Sports & Aquatic Centre gym and HIIT boxing, both short, functional training programs that reflect global fitness trends. This is compared to a total of seven lunchtime classes according to a November 2015 timetable. “More wellness classes like yoga please. I really enjoy them and would love to attend more.” 2016 Member Survey

In 2016 we offered 10 wellness-related classes like Yoga, Pilates and Body Balance compared to 12 in 2019. This increased offering doesn’t include our Stretch N Balance classes for Seniors plus the number of opportunities to enrol in Short Courses specialising in Yoga and Pilates.


“Putting more stuff online is definitely a good idea – it’s a very convenient medium.” 2011 Member Survey

We believe it is important for members to be able to engage with us online, whether it be to keep up-to-date on what’s happening around the facility, check our opening hours or to book themselves into a class or court.

Since the launch of our website and the growth of our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, we update and use the platforms daily to ensure nearly all facets of our business are accessible to members online. “How about the option of an online version of ROAR? I’d be happy to glace through an online version.” 2013 Member Survey

Each article featured in ROAR Magazine has been available via our website and across social since February 2017, with the entire publication – dating back to Autumn 2011, available in full at susf.com.au. The triannual publication is one of the key ways members stay across the goings on at SUSF.

“I would like to be able to book a basketball court online rather than having to call up.” 2017 Member Survey

“Moving over to a system where squash and tennis courts can be booked online.” 2018 Member Survey

Current Annual Members are now able to book a Squash, Tennis, Badminton, Indoor Football, Full Court Basketball and Volleyball courts online via the Member Login button on the top-right-hand corner of our website. This update shaves time and hassle off the court booking process, enabling members to enjoy our facilities more easily – a recurring request over the last couple of years.

As a members-based organisation, listening to what our members have to say is paramount – whether it be through the Member Survey or during a friendly conversation around the facility.

Year in, year out, we strive to continually improve our facility, programs, offerings and the overall experience of our members – an objective we will continue working towards in 2019. Speaking of which, our cardio spaces have just received a major boost, with 71 pieces of new machinery installed across both of our sites. Read more here.