Living on campus at university offers a world of opportunity. Roar editor, Laura Hanlon, caught up with St Paul’s college first-year student and Sydney University Football Club (SUFC), colts inside-centre, Max Sinclair to talk sport and college life.

What made you choose the University of Sydney (USYD)?

I always wanted to come to USYD because of its prestigious reputation. My brother went to Paul’s in 2016 and loved it. I never even knew college existed until he told me all about it. I’m so glad I chose Paul’s and feel so lucky to be a part of this community.

Playing for Sydney University Football Club was an easy decision, so close to College, but also because such great players such as, Nick Phipps and Jake Gordon come from the Club.

It’s your first year at Uni, how have you found juggling your Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) degree with your sporting commitments?

It has been challenging juggling Uni, work, rugby and a social life. I didn’t expect Uni to be as full on as it was. The Elite Athlete Program helped.

I used tutoring and dietitian assistance the most. Rebecca the nutritionist helped me establish a good eating plan and receiving one-on-one tutoring helped improve my marks. The Elite Athlete Program Manager, Leonie Lum, also helped and she was only a phone call away.

How have you found the transition from school to Uni?

The transition from Shore to Uni was relatively smooth. The support and mentor program at Paul’s helped

this move. I think the biggest change came with rugby. Playing three years in the Shore 1st XV, I had only won two competition games. It was really hard mentally to cope with so many losses and my rugby head space became clouded and negative. As Captain in 2017 I felt personally responsible for our team’s lack of success.

Coming to SUFC, suddenly I was winning most games. I learnt a lot.

You mentioned you were injured this year – how is it going?

I was injured for 10 rounds of rugby. I did a Grade 3 syndesmosis, high-ankle tear. Luckily no surgery; however the recovery process was slow and at times frustrating. My ankle is back to 95% and hopefully I will be ready for next season.

Rugby, cricket & rowing – what’s the attraction?

I think I have the most passion for cricket. I’ll happily sit and watch a test all day on TV. I work in a cricket retail shop during the summer which I love. I rowed for most of my schoolboy years. I enjoyed the rush of racing, however, my heart wasn’t really in the training hence the shift to cricket. Playing Rawson Cricket and representing The College, literally in my first week, was awesome. Taking four wickets in four balls against Wesley was my highlight. I’ve never felt so supported by the other boys of the College.

I’ve always loved rugby and think it’s probably the sport I am best at. I like that being a good rugby player is multifaceted: mental toughness, gym and strength, speed and agility.

What is the best part about living at St Paul’s and what would you say to any future students looking to live in that community?

I love living at Paul’s. I have made mates for life. This year has been the most enjoyable year ever. The events, opportunities, mates, convenience to Uni and social life are all great. I would encourage future students to come and be a part of the college community, you learn a lot about yourself and meet new people.

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