Young Judo Club members dominate Shinsei Tournament

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Some of Sydney University Judo Club’s young members ventured to Blacktown PCYC at the weekend to compete in the Junior Shinsei Tournament. 

Supported by their parents and two of their coaches, the four members – Jordan, Nathaniel, Mirei and Dimitri – performed extremely well.

Jordan, Nathaniel and Mirei started with the club two years ago, while Dimitri trained for 10 years in Greece before joining the club more recently. This was his first competition in Australia.

Dimitri took two gold medals, while Jordan and Mirei won a silver each. Nathaniel also impressed with two bronze medals. 

Coach Yuki’s advice for the four was to get an “Ippon [a clean win]” against their opponent.

“Perform the bow correctly. Have a mindset of being respectful to your opponent.”

“They have been learning the spirit of judo and we are very proud.”

Congratulations to the four young athletes and club on their great results.