NEAFL minor premiership up for grabs

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Photo: TJ Yields

Sydney University’s 67-point win over Redland at Scottsdale Park on Saturday moved them to third on a crowded NEAFL competition ladder.

With three rounds of the competition proper to be played, the Students joined Southport and Canberra on 40 points. But Southport’s better for and against record has them ahead of Canberra and the Students, with Sydney (36), Aspley (36) and Brisbane (34) making up the top six.

Brisbane and Sydney University have a bye round this weekend. Brisbane’s final two matches will be against eighth placed Gold Coast and the seventh placed Giants, while Sydney University will meet Canberra and ninth placed Northern Territory Thunder.

The minor premiership is definitely up for grabs.

Sydney University had 13 goal scorers in their 117-50 win over Redland, with Jack Hiscox (3), Damien Boney (2) and William Sierakowsk (2) leading the way.

Meanwhile, Sydney University has secured a finals berth in the Sydney Men’s Premier competition.

North Shore Bombers Head the ladder on 56 points, with UNSW Eastern Suburbs (44), East Coast Eagles (44), Sydney University (36), Manly Warringah (36) and Pennant Hills (36) making up the top six.

The Students will meet ninth placed UTS Bats and eighth placed Camden Cats in the final two rounds.


NEAFL Round 18

Sydney University 17.15: 117 (Jack Hiscox 3, Damien Bonney 2, William Sierakowski 2, Jake Bartholomaeus, Craig Bird, Adam Gulden, Jackson Potter, Austin Lucy, Ned Reinhard, Matthew Wilson, Callum McFadden, Jonathan Marsh, Jacob Derickx) defeated Redland 6.14: 50 (Matthew Hammelmann 2, Ryan Dadds, Matthew Thomson, Jack Rolls, Peter Yagmoor) at Scottsdale Park on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University:  Ryan Hebron, Craig Bird, Tim Barton, Austin Lucy, Lachlan Hayres, Nathan Cooper.

Redland:  Jackson Paine, Jack Rolls, Scott Miller, Thomas Matthews.


Sydney Men’s Premier Division – Round 16

Premier Division: Sydney University 17.11: 113 (Tristan Davies 6, William Stratford 3, Allister Clarke 2, Joshua Cole, Samuel Gilfedder, Michael Nettheim, Denim Loffley, Michael Fogarty, Mitchell Thompson) defeated Manly Warringah Wolves 7.10: 52 (Anthony Robertson 3, Tyrone Armitage, Cooper Wilson, Levi Brain, Eric Burke) at Weldon Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Timothy Cordner, Nicholas Bertino, Harry Morrison, Allister Clarke, Mitchell Thompson, Montgomery Krochmal.

Manly Warringah:  Eric Burke, Lachlan Kilpatrick, James Brain, Anthony Robertson, Christian Bousamra, Aidan Butler.


Premier Division Reserves: Sydney University 8.14: 62 (Malcolm Picken 2, Benjamin Hawtin, Nik Dale, Adam Birman, Sebastian Trevaskis, Charles King, Tom Dunlop) defeated Manly Warringah Wolves 5.12: 42 (Tim Donnellan 3, Josh Horton, Jack Parker) at Weldon Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University:  Nik Dale, Malcolm Picken, Jack Fox, Tom Dunlop, Adam Birman, Alexander Hawtin.

Manly Warringah:  Tim Donnellan, Cameron Gallo, Philip Prior, Jonathan Schroeder, Josh Horton, Jack Parker.


Division One: Sydney University 4.14: 38 defeated Randwick City Saints 4.3: 27 at Pioneers Park on Saturday (No details available).


Division Two: Sydney University 13.11: 89 (Aron Everett 3, Lachlan Bennetts-Inkster 3, David Starkey 3, Kyall Homberg 2, Joel Carr, David Drentin) defeated Manly Warringah Wolves 2.6: 18 (Adam Howarth, Darren Fagan) at Weldon Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Luke Astri, Jason Cheah, Ben Fitzpatrick, Dale Halliday, Kyall Homberg, Jordan McCreary.

Manly Warringah: Paul Bourke, Robert Hart, Will Halpin, Tom Schultz, Declan Byrne, Ben Joseph.


Division Three: Pennant Hills Demons 7.6: 48 (Hayden McLean 3, James Clarke 2, Alexander Huggins, Michael Baglin) defeated Sydney University 6.9: 45 (Nathan Barnard 3, Patrick Hunter 2, Scott Walker) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Pennant Hills: Hayden McLean, Alexander Huggins, Ryan Isberg, Jordan Denton, Sean Doyle, Danny Strange.

Sydney University:  Paul Chidrawi, Scott Walker, Phi Vo, Patrick Hunter, Dugald Shannon, Matthew Wonders.


Under 19 Division One: St George Dragons 9.6: 60 (Noah Casalini 5, Joshua Masters 2, Anthony Lombardo, Kye Pfrengle) defeated Sydney University 4.7: 31 (Damien Dickson, Dylan Abdurahman, Luke Gallen, Jack Gardiner) at Olds Park on Saturday.

Best players

St George Dragons:  Bayley Johnson, Noah Casalini, Nelson Carey, Callum Nash, Caleb Felton, Joshua Masters.

Sydney University: Damien Dickson, Wesley Greenaway, Moustafa Sattout, Perry Shields, Josef Wilks, Rory Bresnahan.


Sydney Women’s Premier Division – Round 15

Premier Division: Macquarie University 5.3: 33 (Gabrielle Ferreira 2, Ellie Herron, Eleanor Dalgarno Fixter, Aamanda Farrugia) defeated Sydney University Bombers 5.2: 32 (Maryanne Harley 2, Serika Shillingsworth, Stephanie Gillon, Amy Foo) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Macquarie University:  Philippa Smyth, Ellie Herron, Stephanie Lee, Dominique Carruthers, Ellie Brush, Gabrielle Ferreira.

Sydney University: Maryanne Harley, Kristen Hay, Jennifer Lew, Nicola Barr, Georgia Yeoman-Dale, Annie Waugh.


Division One: Wollongong Saints 30.12: 192 (Rylee McGartland 13, Eleri Morris 9, Nicola Kennedy 4, Catherine Stanton 2, Sally O’Donoghue, Bronte Manning) defeated Sydney University 0.0: 0 at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Wollongong: Rylee McGartland, Sally O’Donoghue, Georgina McDonnell, Eleri Morris, Nicola Kennedy, Catherine Stanton.

Sydney University: Rebecca Bowen, Erinna Martin, Bianca Hunt, April Alcock, Katharine Christopher, Breanne Goschnick.