Sydney University will be hoping to get out of a logjam on the NEAFL ladder when they travel to Brisbane take on last-placed Redland at Scottsdale Park on Saturday.

With four rounds of the competition proper to be played, Canberra head the league on 40 points, with Sydney (36), Southport (36), Aspley (36), Sydney University (36) and Brisbane (30) making up the top six.

The Students have scored more points than second-placed Sydney and fourth-placed Aspley, but conceded more than the other three teams sharing 36 points on the ladder.

Sydney University will have a bye on 11 August, before hosting Canberra Demons at Blacktown International Sportspark on 18 August, and Northern Territory Thunder at the same venue on 25 August.

The Students did themselves no favours last Saturday when seventh-placed Giants caused an upset with a 55-point win at Spotless Stadium.

Zachary Sproule kicked five majors for the Giants, while Jacob Derickx landed five for Sydney University in the 132-77 result.

Meanwhile, Sydney University stayed in the hunt in the Sydney Men’s Premier league with a 15-point win over competition leaders, North Shore Bombers at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Charlie Morgan kicked three of Sydney University’s 12 goals in the 80-65 win.

North Shore stayed at the helm on 52 points, with East Coast Eagles (40), UNSW-Eastern Suburbs (40), Manly-Warringah (36), Pennant Hills (35) and Sydney University (32) making up the top six.


NEAFL Round 17

Giants 20.12: 132 (Zachary Sproule 5, Matthew De Boer 3, Dylan Buckley 3, Rhys Pollock 2, Thomas Green, Aiden Bonar, Shaun Driscoll, Liam Delahunty, Daniel Lloyd, James Peatling, Tyh Evans) defeated Sydney University 11.11: 77 (Jacob Derickx 5, Ned Reinhard 3, Nicholas Foster, Tom Young, Craig Bird) at Spotless Stadium on Saturday.

Best players

Giants: Matthew De Boer, Zachary Sproule, Harrison Perryman, Aiden Bonar, Daniel Lloyd, Jake Stein

 Sydney University:  Jacob Derickx, Timothy Barton, Ned Reinhard, Aaron Day, Jake Bartholomaeus, Sam Barkley.


Sydney Men’s Premier Division – Round 15

Premier Division: Sydney University 12.8: 80 (Charlie Morgan 3, Malcolm Picken 2, Oliver Wetzlar 2, Jack Fox, Sam Ryan, Rowdy Friend, Josh Carr, Sebastien Trevaskis) defeated North Shore Bombers 9.11: 65 (Charles Silvester 3, Todd Alexander 2, Thomas Criniti, Dylan Vandenbrink, Benjamin Cunningham, William Bradley) at Sydney university Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University:  Sam Ryan, Sebastien Trevaskis, Bailey Scotney, Jack Fox, Benjamin Hawtin, Oliver Wetzlar.

North Shore:  William Bradley, Kirk Lower, Todd Alexander, Thomas Criniti, Liam O’Carroll, Charles Silvester.


Division One: North Shore Bombers 9.11: 65 ( Simon Shipley 2, Harley Stibbard 2, Scott Bear, Trent-Harley Ross, Alex Jalloh, Jack Jones, Tristan Smith) defeated Sydney University 4.8: 32 ( Nicholas Lloyd, Gabriel Robbie, Daniel Whitehead, Joshua Cutrupi, John Walsh) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

North Shore:  Ben Vozzo, Ryan Hezlett, Michael Goode, Trent-Harley Ross, Aiden Cox, Blake Linford.

Sydney University: Nicholas Lloyd, Gabe Orr, Tommy Doyle, Samuel Prendergast, Yarlalu Thomas.


Division Two: Sydney University 11.12: 78 ( Kyall Homberg 4, Aron Everett 2, Andrew Kraefft 2, Jack Jensen, Aron Lazaridis, Jordan McCreary) defeated North Shore Bombers 6.2: 38 ( Christopher Riley 2, Cooper Elliott, Ryan Liddle, Daniel Baxter, Oscar James) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Kieran Matic, Eric Norris, David Rountree, Tom Whitehead, Glenn Smith, Mitchell Francis.

North Shore: Jake Mills, James Laidlaw, Timothy Hallissy, Brian Jackson, Daniel Baxter, Justin Waller.


Division Three: Sydney University 10.14: 74 (Thiha Hoe 3, Nathan Barnard 2, Jacob Reddie, Ewan Spinks) defeated Campbelltown Blues 4.2: 26 (Kyle Bradley 3, Jye Lowe) at Monarch Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University:  Patrick McGrath, Ewan Spinks, Patrick Collins, Harry Campbell-Ross, Thiha Hoe, Sam Mischewski.

Campbelltown Blues:  Warren Normoyle, Chris Schafer, Tyron Edwards, Alister Bowen, Zuhdi Khraim, Kyle Bradley.


Under 19 Division One: North Shore Bombers 11.11: 77 ( Luke Parks 3, Rory Barkley 2, Oscar Bird 2, Nick Hill 2, Jack Brasher, Cooper Wright) defeated Sydney University 9.8: 62 (Luke Gallen 4, Zac Abdurahman 2, Vijaya Sainju, James Scutella) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

North Shore: Luke Parks, Adam Bastas, Rory Barkley, Oscar Bird, Cooper Wright, Alex John Graham.

Sydney University: Josef Wilks, Luke Gallen, Thomas Linfield-Kent, Perry Shields, Wesley Greenaway, James Scutella.


Under 19 Division Two: Penrith Rams 13.22: 100 (Zac Redding 3, Nicholas Pianta 3, Khyle-Paul Borwick 2, Dion Redding, Jesse Draper, Daniel Kranendonk, Justin Harding, Dane Twining) defeated Sydney University 6.0: 36 (Jack Gardiner 2, Rory Bresnahan 2, Lewis Verrell, Timothy Adams) at Greygums Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Penrith Rams: Matthew Field, Blake Kenny, Daniel Kranendonk, Nicholas Pianta, Zac Redding, Joel Salter.

Sydney University: James Brookshaw, Rory Bresnahan, Tyler Fuata, Lewis Verrell, Gulliver Hull, Zachary Edwards.


Sydney Women’s Premier Division – Round 14

Premier Division: Sydney University Bombers 12.4: 76 (Stephanie Gillon 3, Serika Shillingsworth 3, Angela Knight 2, Georgia Yeoman-Dale, Nicola Barr, Amy Wood, Alice Foo) defeated Auburn-Penrith Giants 3.2: 20 (Rosalie Davis, Haneen Zreika, Renee Tomkins) at Mona Park on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Nicola Barr, Jennifer Lew, Georgia Yeoman-Dale, Serika Shillingsworth, Pippy Clegg, Stephanie Gillon.

Auburn-Penrith Giants:  Haneen Zreika, Renee Tomkins, Margot Vella, Angela Priftis, Lael Kassem, Yashar Kammoun.