Sydney University have dropped to fourth place on the NEAFL ladder after a 19-point loss to Canberra at UNSW Canberra Oval on Saturday.

Canberra inflicted a fourth loss in the past six rounds for the Students, who went unbeaten through the first eight rounds of the competition.

In the past six weeks Sydney University have lost 98-47 to Sydney, 123-13 to Southport, 88-75 to Aspley and 92-73 to Canberra, interspersed with an 81-75 win over Gold Coast and a bye round.

Southport head the NEAFL ladder on 36 points, with Sydney (32), Canberra (32), Sydney University (32), Aspley (24) and Giants (24) making up the top six.

The Students meet 7th placed Brisbane in a Round 15 fixture at Blacktown International Sportspark on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Sydney University are clinging to sixth place on the Sydney Men’s Premier League ladder after a five-point win over UNSW-Eastern Suburbs on Saturday.

Tristan Davies (4) and Timothy Cordner (3) kick seven of the Students’ 11 goals in the 77-72 result.

North Shore Bombers head the Premier Division ladder on 44 points after 13 rounds, with Manly Warringah Wolves (32), UNSW-Eastern Suburbs (32), Pennant Hills Dragons (32), East Coast Eagles (32) and Sydney University (28) making up the top six.

The Students will meet Western Suburbs Magpies in a Round 14 clash at Picken Oval on Saturday.



Australian Football

NEAFL Round 14

Canberra 13.14: 92 (Aaron Bruce 3, Thomas Faul 2, Samuel Tonkes 2, Jacob Turner, Nathan Richards, Ben Fulford, Jack Powell, Isaac Taylor, Cameron Milne) defeated Sydney University 10.13: 73 (Nicholas Foster 2, Tom Young 2, Jack Hiscox 2, Jack Dimery, Sam Fong, Mitchell Thompson, Ned Reinhard) at UNSW Canberra Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Canberra: Jack Powell, Isaac Taylor, Aaron Bruce, Jarrod Osborne, Alexander Paech, Alex Smout.

Sydney University: Montgomery Krochmal, Jake Bartholomeus, Lewis Stevenson, Jonathan Marsh, Adam Gulden, Nicholas Foster.


Sydney Men’s Premier Division – Round 13

Premier Division: Sydney University 11.11: 77 ( Tristan Davies 4, Timothy Cordner 3, Adam Birman, Daniel Smith, Samuel Gilfedder, William Stratford) defeated UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Magpies 10.12: 72 (Thomas Chichester 3, Justin Cann 2, Steven Pollock 2, Anthony Halikas 2, James Pascoe) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Spencer Krochmal, Kyle Underwood, Daniel Smith, Andrew Sierakowski, Allister Clarke, Michael Fogarty.

UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Magpies: Michael. Thompson, Samuel Wilson, Justin Cann, Thomas Chichester, Tom Dickson.


Premier Reserves: UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Magpies 9.12: 66 (Charlie Burgess-Hoar 3, Max Geddes, Tom Dunkley, Nicholas McGann, Ashley Backlund, Josh O’Callaghan, Kale Jacob) defeated Sydney University 7.4: 46 (Oscar Gibbins 3, Nik Dale 2, Nicholas Kyriakacis, Sebastian Trevaskis) at Sydney University on Saturday.

Best players

UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Magpies: Nicholas McGann, Finnius Mergler, Leigh McWhirter, Charlie Burgess-Hoar, Tom Dunkley.

Sydney University:  Sebastian Trevaskis, Tom Dunlop, Bailey Scotney, Oscar Gibbins, Daniel Fane.


Round 12

Division One: Sydney University 10.4: 65 (Joshua Cutrupi 2, Brandon Nelson 2, John Walsh 2, Sebastian Fotea 2, Matthew Jensen, David Starkey) defeated Campbelltown Blues 5.6: 36 at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University:  Gabe Orr, Jack Hollywood, Peyton Caffey, David Drentin, Luke Hayward, David Starkey.


Division Two: UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Magpies 12.9: 81 (Alex Werfel 3, Cameron. McKinlay 3, Brad Pattison 2, Luke Jones, Tom Williamson, Benjamin Eddy, Timothy O’Donnell) defeated Sydney University 3.3: 21 (David Owen, Ben Fitzpatrick, Andrew Kraefft) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Magpies: Benjamin. Eddy, Brad Pattison, Nathan Weldon-Bowen, Chris Peters, Alex Werfel, Ben Leonard.

Sydney University:  Paul Chidrawi, Patrick Collins, Ben Fitzpatrick, Joshua Flanagan, Mitchell Francis, Kyall Homberg.


Division Three: UTS Bats 9.7: 61 (Matthew Wright 3, Andrew Morley 2, Hugh Winter, Jackson Fogerty, George Harder, Thomas Hiscutt) defeated Sydney University 3.8: 26 (Michael Murray 2, George McLeay) at Trumper Park on Saturday.

Best players

UTS Bats: Matthew Wright, Christopher Wood, Hugh Winter, Andrew Morley, Chris Hasselerharm, Tate Putnins.

Sydney University:  Chas Wilkinson, Nathan Barnard, Ewen Spinks, Nicholas Bailey, Michael Murray.


Under 19 One: Sydney University 11.12: 78 (Vijaya Sainju 3, Jack Gardiner 2, Andreas Apostolou, Jack Pullinger, Matthew Dyster, Adam Fiene, Dylan Abdurahman, Wesley Greenaway) defeated UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Magpies 2.7: 19 ( Lachlan Bramble, Maximilian. Baker) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Nicholas Lees, Wesley Greenaway, Jayden Riley, Vijaya Sainju, Cooper Searle.

UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Magpies:  Brendan McMorrow, Harry Whitaker, Thomas Tyson, Thomas Staines, Lachlan Bramble, Ethan Hart.


Sydney Women’s Premier Division – Round 12

Premier: UNSW-Eastern SuburbsMagpies 3.6: 24 (Hannah Knagge, Tia Bool, Jacinda Barclay) defeated Sydney University Bombers 2.1: 13 (Amy Foo, Meg Haynes) on Saturday.

Best players

UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Magpies:  Jemma Still, Edwina Ross, Jacinda Barclay, Allison Parkin, Hannah Knagge, Sasha Banki.

Sydney University: Georgia Yeoman-Dale, Kristen Hay, Erin McKinnon, Aleisha Wawn, Louise Stephenson, Rayanne Kenny.


Division One: Pennant Hill Demons 7.14: 56 (Madison Hare 2, Georgia Collis, Eleanor Rugg, Amy McWilliam, Heidi Sfiligoi, Brooke Roditis) defeatedSydney University 0.0: 0 at Mike Kenny Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Pennant Hills Demons: Mikaela Mahony, Brooke Roditis, Hayley Lowe, Madison Hare, Rachel Haughton, Eleanor Rugg.

Sydney University:  Lauren McNamara, Megan Asquith, Tanika Robertson, Kirby Brierty, Jemma Griffin, Georgia Brashaw.