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Donating to our Elite Athlete Program is more than a donation to sport, it is an investment in the future of our brightest stars and fuels the hopes and dreams of all Australians, writes Jo Brischetto.

Sport reminds us that ANYTHING is possible.

A passion for sporting success is embedded in Australia’s identity. It’s part of the Australian culture that connects our diverse population to a common drive – seeing sporting dreams achieved.

Elite sportspeople are our heroes – we share their journeys and understand that becoming a champion is a full-time commitment.

Elite athletes at the University of Sydney face the unique challenge of managing an intense training schedule alongside their demanding academic endeavours.

Studying athletes need support and time to train, recover and compete if they are to deliver the exceptional performances we have all come to expect, while still succeeding in their academic endeavours. Although deeply rewarding, we also acknowledge that these journeys are long and challenging and not without significant sacrifice.

From international to intervarsity-level sport, Sydney University is well-represented in the winner’s circle. The Elite Athlete Program is fundamental to this success, with a dedicated staff providing a broad suite of invaluable services so our most promising athletes can reach their potential.

Just as our SUSF athletes are fuelled by ambition and dedication to reach their sporting goals, we are passionately committed to ensuring they have the holistic support they need to allow them to grow as an athlete and a community leader. To do this, we are reaching out to the community to help us fund this support for our future heroes.

With your help, our goal is to raise $5 million by 2025 to ensure that excellence in sport and tertiary studies remains achievable.

It is our strong hope that with your philanthropic donations, we can reach our Five by ’25 target to support our SUSF Elite Athlete Program and sporting clubs for many years to come.