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Sydney University posted 22 goals in their 150-81 shellacking of UTS Bats at Trumper Park on Saturday.

The Students had 10 individual goalscorers with Michael Nettheim (4) Tristan Davies (4), Timothy Cordner (3) and William Stratford (3) leading the way.

Sydney University opened the season with a 92-37 disposal of Pennant Hills Demons and franked that form with a 65-55 win over East Coast Eagles and Saturday’s dominant effort.

North Shore Bombers head the Sydney Men’s Premier competition ladder on percentages from Sydney University, with both teams on 12 points. East Coast Eagles (8), Pennant Hills (8), UTS Bats (8) and UNSW-Eastern Suburbs (4) make up the top six.

The Students will meet St George Dragons at Sydney University No.1 Oval on Saturday.

Sydney University’s NEAFL side are also joint competition leaders, sharing the lead with Southport on 12 points, with Brisbane (8), Northern Territory Thunder (8), Gold Coast (8) and Canberra (4) making up the top six.

Sydney University opened the season with a 91-83 win over Canberra and then accounted for Redland 109-73 before Saturday’s Round 3 win.

Sydney University will meet Southport in a Round 4 clash at Henson Park this Saturday.



NEAFL Round 3

Sydney University 14.14: 98 (Montgomery Krochmal 2, Jack Hiscox 2, Lewis Stevenson 2, Matthew Wilson 2, Tom Young, Mitchell Thompson, Shaun Edwards, Damien Bonney, Jacob Derickx, Jack Dimery goals) defeated Northern Thunder 12.11: 83 (Adam Sambono 3, Darren Ewing 3, Ross Tungatalum 2, Braedon McLean, Dionysius Munkara, Christopher Williams, Patrick White) at Tio Stadium, Darwin, on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Shaun. Edwards, Nathan Cooper, Jack Hiscox, Austin Lucy, Montgomery Krochmal, Tom Young.

Northern Thunder:  Christopher Williams, Cameron Ilett, Jack Monigatti, Braedon McLean, Jarrod Stokes, Abraham Ankers.

Sydney AFL Men’s Premier Division – Round 2

Premier Division: Sydney University 22.18: 150 (Michael Nettheim 4, Tristan Davies 4, Timothy Cordner 3, William Stratford 3, Riley Lucas 2, Charlie Morgan 2, Joshua Cole, Samuel Gilfedder, Harry Morrison, Tom Ayton) defeated UTS Bats 11.15: 81 (Edward Thwaites 3, Daniel Crouch 2, David Smith 2, Nick Read 2, Rawson Kirkhope, Frederick Cator) at Trumper Park on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Tristan Davies, Harry Morrison, William Stratford, Dixon Wight, Tom Ayton, Bailey Biggs.

UTS Bats: Adam Tarrant, Frederick Cator, Rawson Kirkhope, Michael May, Edward Thwaites.

Premier Reserves: Sydney University 16.11: 107 (Nik Dale 7, Josh Carr 2, Braydon Pilot 2, Oliver Wetzlar 2, Thomas Duffy, Matt Akehurst, Tom Dunlop) defeated UTS Bats 4.4: 28 (Todd Read 2, Nicholas Barrett 2) at Trumper Park on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Thomas Duffy, Harry Lalor, Oliver Wetzlar, Nicholas Bowen, Robert O’Hara.

UTS Bats:  Zachary Thorneycroft, Ciaran Johnston, Michael Izhik, Todd Read, Jackson Bukor, Ben Ferrif. 

Division One: Sydney University 9.13: 67 (Lachlan Bennetts-Inkster 3, Gordon Willis 2, Gabriel Robbie 2, Jack O’Halloran, Samuel Prendergast) defeated UTS Bats 6.8: 48 (Christopher Wood 3, Richard Rosendorff 2, Daniel Georos) at Trumper Park on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Jack Hollywood, Jordan Sanders, David Gardiner, Henry Forbes Smith, Simon Johnston, Jack O’Halloran.

UTS Bats: Mitchell Thompson, Christopher Wood, Daniel Georos, Bradley Gorman, Louis Russell, Sean Fleming.

Division Two: Sydney University 6.5: 41 (Jack Jensen 2, Aron Everett 2, Oliver Young, Patrick Hunter) defeated UTA Bats 4.13: 37 (Nelson Kanaan 2, Ned Newton, James Bellew) at Waverley Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University:  Patrick Hunter, Peter Lloyd, Scott Walker, Curtis Harwood, Oliver Young, Jack Jensen.

UTS Bats: James Clock, Ashton Ryder, Mark Ayers, Peter Grima, Ned Newton, Marcus Gaffney.

Division Three: Pennant Hills Demons 4.14: 63 defeated Sydney University 2.3:15 at Mike Kenny Oval Saturday.

Under 19 One: Sydney University 15.12: 102 ( Blake Byrne 3, James Robertson 2, Jasper Dryden 2, James Scutella, Damien Dickson, Zac Abdurahman, Henry Gowers, Andreas Apostolou, Riley Holmes, Billy Chudleigh, Moustafa Sattout) defeated Camden Cats 4.2: 26 (Connor Marsh 2, Aidan Gandy, Zachary Lange) at Fairfax Reserve on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University:  James Scutella, Andreas Apostolou, Damien Dickson, Moustafa Sattout, Thomas Stapleton, Thomas Linfield-Kent.

Camden Cats:  Daniel Thomas, Jarrod Coomby, Quinn Passlow, Aidan Gandy, Zachary Lange, Connor Marsh.

Under 19 Two: Southern Power 13.18: 96 (Jake Bennie 4, Hunter Gregory 3, Samuel Scandurra 2, Thomas Jackson, Joshua Moors, Jack Palmer, Ben Travers) defeated Sydney University 2.1: 13 (Riley Holmes, Rory Potter) at Waratah Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Southern Power:  Christopher Davidson, Jake Bennie, Matthew Stokes, Flynn Smith, Joshua Moors, Julian Scott.

Sydney University: Jack Hauschild, Rory Potter, Angus MacDougall, Joshua Lee, Justin Raja, Luca Roncolato.

Sydney AFL Women’s Premier Division – Round 3

Women’s Premier: Sydney University Bombers 8.3: 51 (Amber Laven 3, Amy Foo, Maryanne Harley, Jemma Griffin, Stephanie Walker, Annie Waugh) defeated UTS Shamrocks 6.5: 41 (Gillian Behan 4, Natalia Hyland, Emma Treanor) at Trumper Park on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Madeleine McCathie, Amber Laven, Annie Waugh, Kristen Hay, Pippy Clegg, Anna Johnston.

UTS Shamrocks: Carol Breen, Alexandra Hewson, Constance White, Tully McDonough, Emma Kirby, Emma Treanor.

Women’s Division One: East Coast Eagles 15.12 102 (Tara Kilminster 5, Bailee Hourigan 3, Chloe Arndt 2, Laura Moran 2, Aimee Cornwell 2, Bobbi Kelly) defeated  Sydney University Bombers 0.1: 1 at Kanebridge Oval on Saturday.

Best players

East Coast Eagles: Ally Dallaway, Courtney Torpy, Tara Kilminster, Bailee Hourigan, Chloe Arndt, Naomi Richardson.