SUBC prepare for NSW State Championships

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Sydney University Boat Club (SUBC) will send a large contingent of rowers to compete at the the NSW State Championships from Friday 16 February – Sunday 18 February held at The Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith. 

The event will attract over 1500 athletes to compete across 82 events with SUBC racing in over 40. See the Club’s entries below: 

  • 6CMU19 1xSydney University Kieran Riach
  • 7CWU21 1xSydney University 1 Emma Jalalaty
  • 7CWU21 1xSydney University 2 Raquel Cuevas
  • 8CMU21 1xSydney University 1 Matt Murray
  • 8CMU21 1xSydney University 2 Jordan Duff
  • 8CMU21 1xSydney University 3 Nathaniel Young
  • 9CWU23 1xSydney University 1 Olina Parrish
  • 9CWU23 1xSydney University 2 Lizzie Treloar
  • 10CMU23 1xSydney University 1 Morgan Brooking
  • 10CMU23 1xSydney University 2 Devlin Walsh
  • 11CWE 1xSydney University Carina Simpson
  • 12CME 1xSydney University 1 Cameron Girdlestone
  • 12CME 1xSydney University 2 David Bartholot
  • 13CWE 2-Sydney University Lauren Fornasaro,Dyone Bettega
  • 14CME 2-Sydney University Andrew Judge,Jack O’Brien
  • 17CWU21L 1xSydney University 1 Sarah Parsons
  • 17CWU21L 1xSydney University 2 Michaela Franz
  • 19CWU23L 1xSydney University 1 Wallis Russell
  • 19CWU23L 1xSydney University 2 Lizzie Treloar
  • 20CMU23L 1xSydney University Leon Chambers
  • 31CWU21 8+Sydney University Sarah Parsons,Raquel Cuevas,Jaime Ford,Amelia Johnson,Jess Robinson,Ella Mentzines,Rachel Balcomb,Wallis Russell,Talia Barnet-Hepples(c)
  • 32CMU21 8+Sydney University Matt Murray,Devlin Walsh,Lachlan Miles,Kieran Riach,Marcus Britt,Will O’Shannessy,Leon Chambers,Jack O’Brien,Charlie Nicholas(c)
  • 33CWU17 2xSydney University Mardi Downing,Maya Brooking
  • 43CWU21L 2xSydney University Michaela Franz,Sarah Parsons
  • 45CWU23L 2xUTS/Sydney University Georgina Masters,Wallis Russell
  • 45CWU23L 2x Sydney University Adelaide RC Lizzie Treloar,Sophia Nery
  • 46CMU23L 2xSydney University/UTS Leon Chambers,Matthew Curtin
  • 50CME 4+Sydney University Jordan Duff,Morgan Brooking,Lachlan Miles,David Bartholot,Sam Nicholas(c)
  • 54CWU23 2-Sydney University Lauren Fornasaro,Dyone Bettega
  • 55CMU23 2-Sydney University Andrew Judge,Jack O’Brien
  • 62CWU21 4xSydney University 1 Michaela Franz,Amelia Johnson,Raquel Cuevas,Ella Mentzines
  • 62CWU21 4xSydney University 2 Sophia Evstigneev,Olivia Dent,Clara Chambers,Emma Jalalaty
  • 63CMU21 4xSydney University Matt Murray,Jordan Duff,Kieran Riach,Devlin Walsh
  • 64CWE 8+Sydney University Rachel Balcomb,Carina Simpson,Lauren Fornasaro,Dyone Bettega,Fiona Ewing,Georgina Gotch,Rowena Meredith,Genevieve Horton,Danielle Pettit(c)
  • 65CME 8+Sydney University Andrew Judge,Leon Chambers,Nicholas Purnell,Jack O’Brien,Cameron Girdlestone,Campbell Watts,Jack Hargreaves,Alex Purnell,William Raven(c)
  • 75CWU21 2-Sydney University 1 Amelia Johnson,Jess Robinson
  • 75CWU21 2-Sydney University 2 Rachel Balcomb,Ella Mentzines
  • 75CWU21 2-Sydney University 3 Jaime Ford,Raquel Cuevas
  • 76CMU21 2-Sydney University Marcus Britt,Will O’Shannessy
  • 77CWU17 1xSydney University 1 Maya Brooking
  • 77CWU17 1xSydney University 2 Mardi Downing
  • 79CWE 4xSydney University Carina Simpson, Lauren Fornasaro, Georgia Miansarow, Wallis Russell
  • 80CME 4xSydney University Devlin Walsh, Morgan Brooking, David Bartholot, Kieran Riach

Wishing all crews the very best of luck.