Sydney University’s batting depth was put on show at Howell Oval on Saturday on day one of the two-day First Grade fixture against Penrith.

Having won the toss and batted, the Students found themselves 4-83 with Ben Trevor-Jones (19), James Larkins (12), Ed Cowan (9) and Liam Robertson (8) back in the pavilion.

Damien Mortimer and Hayden Kerr came to the rescue with a 90-run fifth-wicket stand. Mortimer’s patient 73 off 153 deliveries included five boundaries, while Kerr’s 59 included 10 boundaries off 76 deliveries.

Wicketkeeper Tim Cummins entered the fray at 6-187 and found a solid ally in Tim Ley to take the score to 257 before Ley fell for 39 with seven boundaries in a 44-ball stay.

The resolute Cummins was unbeaten on 70 when skipper Robertson declared at 9-320, allowing three overs at the hosts before stumps.

Meanwhile, Nicky Craze posted his maiden century for SUCC in the Second Grade fixture against Penrith at Sydney University Oval.

Batting at No.4, Craze cracked 129 off 259 balls, including two sixes and 17 boundaries as the Students reached 281 off 92 overs. Penrith were 0-16 at stumps on day one.

In a productive start to his third season with SUCC, Craze now has 1185 runs in the bank in First, Second and Third Grade and Poidevin-Gray Shield matches at a blink under 30.

Sydney University’s other century maker on Saturday was Jonathon Aylward in the Metropolitan Cup match against Randwick-Petersham Green at St Paul’s College Oval.

Batting at No.5, Aylward posted 102, with three sixes and 13 boundaries in Sydney University’s 6(dec)-330. The Students had Randwick-Petersham 3-50 at stumps.


Sydney Premier Men’s Grade competition – Round 5 (Two-day fixtures)

First Grade: Sydney University 320 off 90.s overs (Damien Mortimer 73, Tim Cummins 70 not out, Hayden Kerr 59; Luke Hodges 4-73, Kaine Balgowan 3-79) versus Penrith 0-3 off three overs, stumps, day one at Howell Oval on Saturday. Toss: Sydney University. Batted first: Sydney University.

Second Grade: Sydney University 281 off 92 overs (Nicky Craze 129, Jonathon Craig Dobson 37, Ryan Danne 31, Kieran Tate 26 not out; Max McNamara 4-85) versus Penrith 0-16 off six overs, stumps, day one at Sydney University Oval. Toss: Sydney University on Saturday. Batted first: Sydney University.

Third Grade: Penrith 132 off 54.4 overs (Jacob New 49 not out; Sam Wood 4-37, Josh Toyer 3-38,  Jack Lawson 2-34) versus Sydney University 3-68 off 23 overs (Jack Hill 21) stumps, day one at  Bill Ball Oval on Saturday. Toss: Penrith. Batted first: Penrith.

Fourth Grade: Sydney University 85 off 60.5 overs (Alexander Bell 32; Japneet Singh 4-14, Paul Williams 2-10) versus Penrith 2-27, stumps, day one at Snape Park on Saturday. Toss: Sydney University. Batted first: Sydney University.

Fifth Grade: Penrith 8(dec)-294 off 69.4 overs (Lachlan Smith 81, Zachary Rizzo 78 not out, Julian Aldridge 42, Luke Masters 39) versus Sydney University 2-19, stumps, day one at Rance Oval. Toss: Penrith. Batted first: Penrith.

Poidevin-Gray Shield – Round 5 (Twenty20)

Northern District 8-161 (Henry Hunt 90; Ryan Danne 3-31) defeated Sydney University 6-156 (Charles Litchfield 61, Lewis Bedford 22; Nathan Maskell 2-30, Louie Shaw 2-30) by five runs at Mark Taylor Oval on Sunday. Toss: Northern District. Batted first: Northern District. Points: Northern District 3, Sydney University 0.


Metropolitan Cup – Round 6 (Two-day fixture)

Sydney University 6(dec)-330 off 53.4 overs (Jonathon Aylward 102, Sutharsan Sivapalan 53, Mohammad Ghumman 51, Ashwin Kirubanandan 48; Bala Mohan 2-7) versus Randwick-Petersham Green 3-50 off 24 overs) stumps, day one at St Paul’s College Oval. Toss: Randwick-Petersham Green. Batted first: Sydney University.


Sydney Premier Women’s Grade competition – Round 6 (Limited overs fixtures)

First Grade: Universities 9-199 off 50 overs (Maddy Darke 79, Carly Leeson 42; Claire Koski 3-26, Stephanie Ellsmore 3-30) defeated Campbelltown-Camden 136 off 42.1 overs (Hannah Darlington 31, Clara Iemma 30; Carly Leeson 2-12, Maisy Gibson 2-23) with a bonus point at Alan Davidson Oval on Sunday. Toss: Universities. Batted first: Universities. Points: Universities 7, Campbelltown-Camden 0.

Second Grade: Campbelltown-Camden 110 off 47 overs (Dharmini Chauhan 60; Amy McKay 3-12, Yvonne Graves 3-15) defeated Universities 101 off 45.5 overs (Yvonne Graves 37; Tanya Bailey 3-16, Dharmini Chauhan 3-18) by nine runs at McKay Oval on Sunday. Toss: Campbelltown-Camden. Batted first: Campbelltown-Camden. Points: Campbelltown-Camden 6, Universities 0.

Third Grade: Universities Black 4-61 off 15 overs (Jessica Meech 18, Emily Robson 17) defeated North West Sydney 59 off 18 overs (no details provided) by six wickets at Tonbridge St Reserve on Sunday.