Scoreboard is a wrap-up of the efforts of Sydney University athletes and teams through the past week, collated by Graham Croker. Stories on some of the performances also appear in the News section.

Sydney Premier Men’s Grade competition – Round 3 (Two-day fixtures)

First Grade: Sydney University 8(dec)-257 (Nick Larkin 53,  Ben Trevor-Jones 48, Tim Cummins 43, Ryan McElduff 34, Joe Kershaw 25 not out; Jonathan Cook 4-49) versus Wester Suburbs 0-18 off seven overs, stumps, day one at Pratten Park. Toss: Sydney University. Batted first: Sydney University.

Second Grade: Sydney University 1-135 off 41 overs (Steven Hobson 66 not out, Jack Holloway 55 not out) versus Western Suburbs 152 off 55 overs (Thomas Burt 71; Lawrence Neil-Smith 3-23, Lewis McMahon 3-42) stumps, day one at Sydney University Oval. Toss: Western Suburbs. Batted first: Western Suburbs.

Third Grade: Sydney University 244 off 66.3 overs (Matthew Powys 91, Jim Ryan 45, Kevin Jacob 39; Emmanuel Parmakellis 4-63, Mandeep Oberoi 3-48) versus Western Suburbs 0-64 off 12 overs (Lee Maggs 32 not out) stumps, day one at Blick Oval. Toss: Western Suburbs. Batted first: Sydney University.

Fourth Grade: Sydney University 7(dec)-304 off 74 overs (Alasdair Grant 101 not out, Brayden Dilley 76; Mitchell Fleming 2-67) versus Western Suburbs 1-5 off four overs, stumps, day one at Kensington Oval. Toss: Western Suburbs. Batted first: Sydney University.

Fifth Grade: Western Suburbs 152 off 44.5 overs (Kane Truman 76; Murray Miles 3-39, Thomas Draca 2-12, Zohirul Islam 2-28) versus Sydney University 5-87 off 33 overs (Alexander Bell 50 not out; Dominic Marsh 4-10) stumps, day one at Punchbowl Oval. Toss: Western Suburbs. Batted first: Western Suburbs.

Metropolitan Cup – Round 4 (Two-day fixture)

Sydney University 263 off 71.4 overs (Ashwin Kirubanandan 59, Jazz Rinka 49, Michael Harris 38, Tom Derrick 35; Sanjit Selverajoo 3-36, Anthony Ward 3-50) versus UNSW Gold 1-6 off six overs, stumps day one at St Paul’s College Oval. Toss: UNSW Gold. Batted first: Sydney University.

Sydney Premier Women’s Grade competition – Round 2 (Limited overs fixtures)

First Grade: Universities 225 off 48.3 overs (Carly Leeson 73, Maisy Gibson 46, Shebani Bhaskar 25, Dharshia Srinivas 23 not out; Chantelle Downey 3-37, Lisa Griffith 2-29) defeated Penrith 7 off 9 overs (Nell Gibson 4-0, Melissa Norup 4-7) by 218 runs at David Phillips North on Sunday. Toss: Universities. Batted first: Universities. Points: Universities 6, Penrith 0.

Second Grade: Universities 266 off 49 overs (Teresa Graves 106 not out, Stella Campbell 30, Zoe Benjamin 27; Claire Jones 2-19, Olivia Cook 2-41, Natalie Jonkers 2-46) defeated Gordon 160 off 49.1 overs (Extras 65, Elizabeth Mair 41, Erica Cox 20; Teresa Graves 3-12, Zoe Benjamin 3-26, Taylor Ling 2-13) by 106 runs at Killara Oval on Sunday. Toss: Gordon. Batted first: Universities. Points: Universities 6, Gordon 0.