5 reasons why you should join a sports club at uni, even if you hate sport

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#1 Friendship

There’s nothing like turning up to your first training session as the unknown newbie then leaving as part of the Facebook group and receiving notifications about the team bonding dinner happening at Thai the next night. Karaoke could also follow. Yep, sport is the fuel for friendship and you will meet some of the best along the way.

#2 Time management

We’re all pressed for time but knowing you have a game on Friday night means you have to get that assignment done beforehand. The demands of sport can help segment your schedule and sideline procrastination.

#3 New found #skillz

Let’s play “Never have I ever”… tried fencing, ultimate frisbee, badminton, gridiron or wakeboarding – With over 40 clubs on offer you’ll most likely, through practise, develop a knack for a particular sport or even expose a hidden talent.

#4 Challenge

Ever wanted to get out of your comfort zone? Sport shakes things up for the better, opening up new experiences that will challenge your limits, mentally and physically. Break your routine, make room for a new activity and feel the benefits of change.

#5 Health

Working up a sweat improves well-being. Movement = energy burnt, and no matter the intensity your body will love the boost of endorphins sure to hit the system. We could actually create another very long list about the positive health-based bi-products of exercise but we think it’s best for you to stop reading this now, get your sport on and feel them for yourself. 

Interested in joining a club? Click HERE for more detailed information.