Member Meets: Introducing Andrew Richardson

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From group fitness to food, music to boot camp; we chat to Andrew Richardson about his experience as a member at Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness.

What brought you to Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF)?

I first signed up at Sydney Uni gym around four years ago as a community member to do boot camp with a co-worker. Back then I was exposed to the amazing trainers Pete, Mark, Lou Lou, Dylan, Hilary, Hulya, Carmel and the boot camp team. I soon became hooked on Sydney Uni gym.

Boot camp is a great challenge, how did you go?

It was widely known that Hilary was the smiling assassin punishing the group with more laps around the cricket field than any of us knew possible. The boot camp crew all pushed us and made us realise our fitness potential.

Did you try other types of classes on offer?

One summer, when boot camp had concluded for the year, I decided to trial the Gold Pass at the gym and found a new love of group fitness. I had previously been a fan of group fitness but Rachel, Racheal, Anna, Cassiano, Alex, Rene, Rena and the gang of instructors at Sydney Uni gym are so motivating and impressive I found myself attending up to eight classes per week.

Not only were the instructors fantastic but the class atmosphere was positive, fun and uplifting. Even if you walked in after having a bad day at work by the end of the class you left feeling like you had completed an impressive workout while having fun. When it comes around to 4pm on a Sunday afternoon next to nothing can stop me from attending Rachel’s BODYATTACK.

Whether it be her infectious good mood or the serious amount of sweat I generate in the 55 minutes, I am obsessed. From CXWORX to calming down and relaxing the mind and body with BODYBALANCE, there was always something on for me to attend before or after work. 

What do you enjoy in the food department?

Like many, I train to eat. I love food here and abroad. I love to go to the USA and Asia and find I can indulge a little more after some serious sessions at the gym, whether it be a round of boot camp or some serious GRIT and BODYATTACK classes.

My weekends generally consist of eating healthy Vietnamese food to drinking large amounts of coffee and breakfasts at local cafes.

Do you have other passions that stir your soul?

My main love in life is music and after attending some of Racheal’s SH’BAM classes I feel like dancing at a Beyoncé or Flume concert comes a lot more smoothly.

What keeps you coming back?

After five years at Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness I can honestly say I have made some amazing friends from my early Boot Camp days to recent times in the group fitness studio. All the staff are extremely helpful and any friends I have recommended to the gym have all told me how impressed they are with the facilities and friendly nature of everyone.