Race Report : Team Aquatic Gym has a trip to Kurnell

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Sunday morning at Kurnell. Team Aquatic Gym met amidst a crowd of avid Triathletes ready to take on the 750m swim, 20km bike ride and 5 km run. Bikes safely in transition, sunscreen applied, caps and goggles at the ready. This was the pinnacle event after 8 weeks of intense preparation (not sure whose crazy idea it was, however enter we did). The Friday morning gym swim squad has been a huge help in our swim performance, under the calm and attentive coaching of Pete Feain we’ve built up our speed and strength in the pool. Admittedly our bike sessions have been somewhat random but fitness has been pushed during RPM classes and Sunday morning laps of Centennial Park (Thanks to Super Coaches Steve Watson and Colin Williamson and of course our amazing Bike Doctor Mr Matt).

Run sessions have been incorporated into our weekly training once again under the guidance of Coach Pete who ensured we gradually built up distance over the weeks.

The pre-race adrenalin was at an all-time high as the starters’ gun sounded and we determinedly leapt into the calm waters of Botany Bay. A smooth exit from the water and transition onto the bike for a trip around Kurnell and then the final leg, the run –  a challenge to our legs and hearts. Happily, over the finish line we felt like first class athletes, successful and exhilarated. On reflection we all have areas to improve upon (Lou Lou take note, you need to be able to bike and run, not just swim), Adrienne has plenty of untapped potential on her bike and Alistair is determined to regain his full running capacity.

We’d love to have a few more friends to join us on the journey, next race will be set for early 2017 – come talk to us in the gym and we look forward to the events that lie ahead.

Mary, Colin P, Colin W – you in?

Team Gym Triathlon Target events for 2017:

Big Husky 17th-19th Feb

Kurnell 2nd April