Students thrive at University Championships

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Sydney University took out the women’s pennant in distance running at the 2017 Australian University Championships.

The tournament saw over 6,000 athletes belonging to 41 universities take part in four major running events including the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10km, Blackmore’s Sydney Harbour Running Festival and the Medibank Melbourne Marathon.

The standings of the universities upon the cessation of the four events are averaged out to determine the overall winner of the particular pennant. While the men’s distance running pennant was won by the Queensland University of Technology, the University of Sydney took the cake in the women’s.

Nat Archer won Gold in the Women’s 10km, held at Sydney Harbour, while Miranda Middleton won Silver in the Women’s Half Marathon. These spectacular results were the catalyst for the University of Sydney winning the women’s pennant.

As the Australian University Championships continue, hopefully there will be many more medals to come.