State Relay medal haul for Sydney Uni Athletic Club

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Sydney University Athletic Club (SUAC) confirmed it’s status as the country’s dominant senior track relay club winning a staggering 6 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze medal out of the 12 traditional championship races on offer in the Open category at the 2016 NSW State Relay Championships.

SUAC had wins in the men’s and women’s 4x100m and 4x200m relays and the women’s 4x800m and 4x1500m relay. In the women’s 4x200m and 4x800m relays the women also broke the existing club records.

SUAC’s men took home silver on the track in the men’s 4x400m, 4x800m, 4x1500m and Medley relays. With the women taking the silver medal in the Medley and 4x200m relays with a bronze in the 4x800m.

SUAC also managed to record wins in the men’s 4 x high jump as well as minor medals in the women’s 4 x shot put and men’s 4 x discus.