With the Olympic Flame on the road to Rio, the world starts the countdown for the 2016 Olympic Games in August.

Of the 126 athletes to have already booked their spots in the Australian team, Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness (SUSF) are pleased to confirm the following current or former Elite Athlete Program or Sydney Uni athlete representatives at this 100 day milestone – a group of who have succeeded in both academia and sport:

Josh Clarke – Athletics 100m (SUSF Elite Athlete Program; Bachelor of Commerce)

Madeline Hills – Athletics Steeplechase (SUSF Elite Athlete Program Alumni; Bachelor of Pharmacy, awarded 2008)

Michelle Jenneke – Athletics 100m hurdles (SUSF Elite Athlete Program; Bachelor of Engineering)

Ella Nelson – Athletics 200m

Brendon Reading – Athletics 50 km Walk

Anneliese Rubie – Athletics 400m (SUSF Elite Athlete Program; Bachelor of Arts)

Jess Fox – Canoe/Kayak (SUSF Elite Athlete Program Alumni)

Murray Stewart – Canoe/Kayak (SUSF Elite Athlete Program Alumni; Bachelor of Design in Architecture, awarded 2008)

Will Ryan – Sailing (SUSF Elite Athlete Program Alumni; Master of Management)

Mark Prater (Coach) – Rowing

While the countdown clock is ticking, up to 30 athletes from Sydney University are still in contention to make Australian teams for the games to be held from August 5-21, and the Paralympics, from September 7-18.  

In fact, the size of the Sydney Uni cohort looking to roar into Rio is so impressive that the group could almost represent at the games as its own country. This medal count methodology was adopted for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and showed that had this actually happened, Sydney Uni would have finished 37th in its own right.

100 days out, SUSF have officially switched on the Rio radar as we #RoartoRio.