2016 Junior Olympic Wrestling Classes

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The Sydney University Wrestling Club is pleased to announce it will be introducing kid’s classes.

The classes will run on Friday nights from 5:30-7pm at Brydens Dojo Gym and are suitable for children with no experience, ageing from 7 upwards. The classes will focus on fitness, tumbling, gymnastics, strength and very basic freestyle wrestling.

Freestyle wrestling is a non-submission form of grappling that sees two opponents trying to pin each other on their backs. The Sydney University Wrestling Club hopes to, in 2017, have a progression class for intermediate youth wrestling, so the juniors who wish to compete have a platform to expand their skills. They also aim to introduce a whole new generation of children to the exciting game of freestyle wrestling and inject new life into one of the oldest known sports. The club has already had a trial class which saw 7 kids signing up on the spot.

Freestyle wrestling is also an excellent way for children to learn the correct tackling technique for rugby, which will no doubt ease the fears of many parents when letting their child compete in a contact sport.

Call Robyn on 0408 248 217 to book now.