Sydney University Cheerleading Club has proven to be the best in NSW, winning the AASCF State Title for their division.

Under the leadership of coaches Danielle Jack and Carlos Condack, both hailing from elite cheer teams and having competed for the world titles previously, Sydney Uni cheer are now holding their State Title high and proud.

The weekend saw hundreds of spectators watch athletes perform routines that combine disciplines of acrobatics, gymnastics, aerobics, tricking and many styles of dance.

With nearly have of those on the team having never competed before, this wins comes from many hours of rehearsal. 

It seems easy to misunderstand that cheerleading is but another style of women’s dancing, though with the addition of Pom poms, bows and spandex. This rather naive understanding of the sport is rapidly changing as competitive cheerleading as a performance-sport has proliferated Australia in the last 10 years. In a sport that may take years to master a skill and execute it with their teammates with synchronicity, teams from all over Australia compete to be the best.

Congratulations Lions!

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