Success at the Winter Kyu grades judo competition

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The 2015 Winter Kyu grades competition, held at Sydney Olympic Park on the 6th of July, proved to be an exciting and successful event for the Sydney University Judo Club.

With nine judoka fighting in a total of six divisions, Sydney Uni put forward a strong presence and it paid off, with the club bringing home a total of six medals. Congratulations to Damon Gordon, Monica Nguyen, and Kevin Yee, who each took gold in their respective divisions; to Jasmine Siswandjo and Amelia Scott, who took silver, and to Hidayat Imran, who took bronze.

Congratulations also to Willy Xv, Rachel Mak, and Wilson Chan for fighting and putting forward an admirable effort. These were especially pleasing results for the club given a couple of competitors were involved for the first time! This is a very exciting milestone!

Highlights throughout the competition included a number of impressive throws: a spectacular tani otoshi from Kevin Yee, Damon Gordon unleashed a killer ushiro goshi, and Monica Nguyen demonstrated fantastic seoi nage. 

Overall, the winter Kyu grades was  a fun and successful competition for Sydney University Judo Club, with an excellent turnout, both of competitors and supporters, of all grades and experience levels. We look forward to many more such competitions in the future. A big thank you must also be given to Randall Jones, the club coach, who continues to provide invauable support and guidance to his competitiors.