Students keep NEAFL leaders in sight

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Sydney University maintained outright fifth place on the North East AFL ladder with a 63-point win over Eastlake at Manuka Oval, Canberra, on Saturday.

The Students had 12 individual goal scorers in the 112-49 win, including William Sierakowski, Ryan Brabazon, Lewis Stevenson and Matthew Rawlinson who each kicked two.

Following a record five-game winning streak which took them to fourth on the ladder, Sydney University have gone win, loss, win, loss in the past four rounds to maintain connection with the competition leaders.

UWS Giants still hold down first place on 44 points, with Aspley (40), Northern Territory Thunder (36), Sydney Swans (32), Sydney University (28) and Redland (20) making up the top six.

Sydney University take on last-placed Brisbane Lions at noon this Sunday at Blacktown International Sportspark.

Meanwhile, Sydney University posted a 43-point win over North Shore Bombers in their Round 12 Sydney Men’s Premier competition clash at Gore Hill Oval on Saturday.

William Stratford kicked four of Sydney University’s 14 goals in the 93-50 result, with Thomas Elkington contributing three and Daniel Frawley posting two.

East Coast Eagles head the Premier Division on 40 points, with Pennant Hills Dragons (34), Manly-Warringah Giants (32), Sydney University (26), St George Dragons (24) and UTS Bats (12) making up the top six.

And Meredith Gray and Libby Sadler each kicked three goals in Sydney University’s 71-point win over Southern Power in their Sydney Women’s Round 11 Premier competition match at St Paul’s College Oval on Saturday.

Sydney University won 81-10 to maintain the competition lead ahead of Newtown Breakaways, UNSW-Eastern Suburbs and Western Wolves, who make up the top four.


North East AFL – Round 14

Sydney University 16.16: 112 (William Sierakowski 2, Ryan Brabazon 2, Lewis Stevenson 2, Matthew Rawlinson 2, Tom Ayton, Jack Campbell, Nicholas Winmar, Gabriel Orr, Matthew O’Dwyer, Sam Fong, Jed Turner, Mitchell Thompson) d Eastlake 7.7: 49 (Aaron Bruce 3, Dean Biermann, Benjamin Waite, Stephen Camp, Nicholas Fothergill) at Manuka Oval, Canberra, on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Tom Young, Matthew Rawlinson, Mitchell Mahady, Matthew O’Dwyer, Lewis Stevenson, Nicholas Winmar.

Eastlake: Aaron Bruce, Harrison Himmelberg, Daniel DeGois, Stephen Camp, Sam Jensen.


Sydney Men’s Premier competition – Round 12

Premier Division: Sydney University 14.9: 93 (William Stratford 4, Thomas Elkington 3, Daniel Frawley 2, Matthew Powys, Ben Hawtin, Zachary Fyffe, Oscar Osborne, Daniel Potts) d North Shore Bombers 7.8: 50 (Lain Genovesi 2, Edward Strudwick 2, Matthew Varjavandi, Marlon Marquez, Mitchell Wright) at Gore Hill Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Matthew Powys, Daniel Frawley, Thomas Elkington, William Stratford, Spencer Krochmal, Nicholas Roberts.

North Shore Bombers: Mitchell Wright, Anthony Treacy, Nathan Lomas, Marlon Marquez, Will Taylor, Jarrod Steinert.


Division One: Balmain Tigers 9.8: 62 (Troy Luff 3, Wayd Blackburne 2, Luke Jarjoura 2, Aaron Cottrell, Joel Gray) d Sydney University 3.10: 28 (Nicholas Bertino, Christopher Reichman, Christopher Kendrick) at Henson Park on Sunday.

Best players

Balmain Tigers: James Webster, Troy Luff, Kevin Jones, Hugh Priest, Luke Elasi, Luke Duignan.

Sydney University: Ben Fitzpatrick, Michael Higgins, Gary Burch, Christopher Reichman, Aaron Hawkins, Andrew Holmes.

Holroyd Parramatta Goannas: Arin Rickett, Benjamin Rogers, Joshua Terrey, Jack Mara, Scott Maguire, Luke Mansour.


Division Three: Sydney University16.14: 110 (Lachlan Godfrey 3, Gordon Willis 3, Nicholas Lloyd 2, Joshua Anderson 2, Matthew Watson, Alexander Harmer, Chris Murr, Joshua Cutrupi, Peter Lloyd, John Gregory) d East Coast Eagles 6.8: 44 (Jared Patira 3, Osazee Egbenoma, William Dickinson, Jared Madden) at St Paul’s College Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Nicholas Lloyd, Riordan Lee, Michael Lloyd, Kyle Parker, Joshua Anderson, Peter Lloyd.

East Coast Eagles: Daniel O’Connor, William Dickinson, Andrew Baddock, Alex Foxall, Thomas Stewart, Lachlan Hand.


Division Four: Sydney University 10.6: 66 (Paul Oscar 2, Vaughan Carrol, Maximillan Wettenhall, Justin Hazelton, Jared Boccanfuso, Scott Walker, Tristan Liles, Mitchell Herps, Chas Wilkinson) d Southern Power 9.7: 51 (Liam Aggett 2, Barton Lynch 2, James Wheatley, Liam Herne, Christopher Hayes, Cameron Byrom, Ryan Fornasari) at St Paul College Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Mitchell Herps, Thomas Pope, Maximillan Wettenhall, Dwayne Dixon, Michael Cambridge, Scott Walker.

Southern Power: James Wheatley, Toby Hooker, Ryan Brown, Barton Lynch, Dane Walters, Liam Aggett.


Division Five: UTS Bats 21.20: 146 (Edward Taffa 5, James Hedrick 5, Rodney Simpkin 3, George Harder 2, Matthew Warnock 2, Paul Doubakis, Ben Nilsen, Jacob Alsford, Isaac Batterham) d Sydney University 0.1: 1 at St Paul’s College Oval on Saturday.

Best players

UTS Bats: Jacob Alsford, James Hedrick, Edward Taffa, Ben Nilsen, Dermot Lowry, Jimmy Levy.

Sydney University: Hayden Conroy, Brett Kolodziej, Byran Larkings, Leigh McWhirter, Robert Lay, James Davey.


Under 19 Division One: UNSW-Eastern Suburbs 19.9: 123 (Ben Davis 4, Thomas Chichester 2, Jake Bartholomaeus 2, Campbell Johnston 2, Max Lower 2, Jack Buckley 2, Luke Towell 2, Luke Irvine, Edward Whitehead, Alexander Turner) d Sydney University8.5: 53 (Nik Dale 3, Harry Harvey, Jonathan Weir, Sebastian Fotea, Gareth Maples, Nicholas Bertino) at the Village Green on Saturday.

Best players

UNSW-Eastern Suburbs: Jake Bartholomaeus, Luke Towell, Jack Buckley, Max Lower, Kirk Lower, Ben Davis.

Sydney University: Daniel Black, Andrew Sierakowski, William Combe, Nicholas Bertino, Gareth Maples, Jack Fitzgerald.


Sydney Women’s Premier competition – Round 11

Sydney University Bombers 11.15: 81 (Meredith Gray 3, Libby Sadler 3, Lara Creber, Amy Foo, Alice Wood, Kyrsten Winkley, Ashlee Morgan) d Southern Power 1.4: 10 (Jasmine Fergus) at St Paul’s College Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University Bombers: Libby Sadler, Lara Creber, Rachael Stack, Meredith Gray, Sophie Clarke.

Southern Power: Melissa Ciraolo, Amy Kowski, Lauren Hodgson, Victoria Lydon, Reanna Lotter, Iesha Veness.