On Sunday the 29th of March, Andrew Roberts, Willy Xu, Gary Fong, David Gordon, and George Hohlov represented the Sydney University Judo Club at the NSW State Titles. 

Each athlete put forward an impressive effort at the event, despite carrying some injuries. Andrew Roberts, was protecting a torn meniscus in his right knee throughout the day, but fought well and made several impressive throws for ippon. Willy Xu also fought hard but was unfortunately eliminated in his second fight.

Gary Fong was very strong in his groundwork, winning several matches against heavier opponents as did David Gordon who won multiple fights by spectacular throws, but was eliminated before the finals.

George Hohlov won his early matches, and proceeded to fight his final with a cracked rib after having been landed on by an opponent. Despite this adversity, Hohlov went on to win two more fights, claiming silver in his division, and in doing so, won enough competition points to qualify for his brown belt.

Congratulations to the clubs representatives, who all fought hard in the hotly contested NSW State Titles competition, against many of the best Judoka in the state. Despite having brought home fewer medals than what the club is accustomed to, the result is a pleasing one, and SUJC looks forward to making a strong return at the Nationals later this year.