Centuries, hat-tricks and a good day out

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The rescheduled 2014 Blue & Gold Cricket Luncheon, held at the Ivy Ballroom last Friday, once again proved why it is a must on the annual agenda.

Organised by the inimitable Rodney Tubbs, who also acted as Master of Ceremonies, cricketers of all ages and abilities flocked to support Sydney University Cricket Club, now in its 150th year at the crease.

While the price of admission, the raffle and silent auction provided some much-needed funds for SUCC, the Cockfighter’s Ghost and James Boag provided the oil to launch many a cricketing tale.

There was also the popular panel segment, with interviewer Adam Spencer extracting some intriguing insights from Stuart Clark, Greg Mail and Mick Pawley.

And there were the announcements, by SUCC Chairman James Rogers, of the SUCC Living Luminaries and SUCC Living Legends teams, many of whom were able to make it onto the Ivy stage.

Living Luminaries (covering seven decades and including five former captains, in batting order:

John Erby

Mark Faraday

Andrew Ridley (Bradman Scholar)

Ian Fisher (Captain)

Adam Theobald

Rick Lee

Eric Stockdale

Alan Crompton (wicketkeeper)

Tom Kierath (off-spinner)

Chris Hilder (leg-spinner)

Geoff Pike

Chris McRae

Manager: Ken Alderson

Umpire: Graham Reed


Living Legends (Four seasons or more with SUCC – in alphabetical order)

Bert Alderson

Stuart Clark

Ed Cowan

Scott Henry

Peter James

Stuart MacGill

Greg Mail

Greg Matthews

Ian Moran

Mick Pawley

Matt Phelps

Shane Stanton