AlterG. The treadmill developed using NASA technology.

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Are you an elite athlete? Do you require rehabilitation to help you overcome an injury? Or maybe you are overweight and need to get in shape? Introducing AlterG – the treadmill developed using NASA technology.
The AlterG treadmill is the new state of-the-art physical therapy equipment that is a highly effective athletic conditioning tool for both recreational and competitive athletes. It allows them to train longer, run faster, gain additional strength, and enhance cardiovascular performance while minimising impact and stress on their joints.

The two main reasons why you need to experience the Alter G phenomenon, according to physiotherapist Stuart Pavely, are:

1. Sporting Performance
Athletes need to run and when they experience lower back or lower limb injuries that disrupt their training their rehabilitation options are restricted to the pool, bike or cross trainer. With the Alter G they are able to reduce their body weight by up to 80 per cent. This decreases the pain and allows the athlete to keep running.

2. Rehabilitation and Movement
When experiencing severe pain from injuries or accidents, it makes it difficult to exercise, therefore creating a vicious cycle of pain, no activity, weight gain, loss of strength and more pain. With the Alter G, clients are able to decrease their body weight by 30-40 per cent and walk and run pain free.

Working in conjunction with your physiotherapist, the Alter G will literally help you get back on your feet sooner.

It is available at The Sports Clinic, corner Western Ave and Physics Road, University of Sydney.

Visit now for more information or call 9351 8118 for an appointment.