Usydwake ladies go big in first 2014 outing

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Sydney University Wakeboard & Waterski club (Usydwake) returned to the beautiful Hawkesbury River for an epic start to the 2014 season on January 11 and 12.

Bleached clouds dotted the flawless blue sky as their unmistakable Mastercraft echoed tunes off the foothills of the Blue Mountains, riders in tow. The weekend trip was dominated by the Usydwake ladies, who came out bindings laced and spirits high.

For those keener on the skis, the Hawkesbury granted flawless, smooth conditions just after the morning mist broke. As the day progressed so did the skills; cheers roared and horns blared as both first time riders and veteran coaches entered into uncharted territory, everyone with smiles in hand by the end of the weekend.

If the weekend is a foretelling of events to come in 2014, the Sydney University Wakeboarding and Waterski club will certainly not disappoint.  With a huge O-Week Camp just on the horizon, and countless ride days and weekends on the Hawkesbury planned throughout the year, it’s going to be a pretty active year for Usydwake!