Controlling depression & negative states of mind through Shaolin body-mind meditation

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The Sydney Uni Kempo Karate Club are staging a free workshop on controlling depression and negative states of mind on Friday November 22nd between 8pm-10pm at the Brydens Group Fitness Room, Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Centre.  

The Method
Participants are taught SHAOLIN BODY-MIND MEDITATION, a drug-free therapy based on observation of one’s body-mind experience.  A simple, direct, effective method, Shaolin Body-Mind Meditation is based on correct posture.

The method was perfected for contemporary individuals living in contemporary conditions – i.e. people who sit in chairs. The traditional sitting postures (on the ground) are also taught in the workshop. But the Method is based on correctly sitting on a chair.

Appropriating the Method
Once the method has been learned, it’s useless to go home and forget it.  For the method to be made useful, you have to appropriate it – literally ‘make it your own’.

The simplest way to do so is to practice the method formally for 10-minute stretches every day.

After practicing the seated method for a 10-minute stretch, you get up, go for a walk or perform mild exercises (taught in the workshop). If you wish to repeat the process, feel free to do so. Just remember, it’s unnecessary and often counter-productive to sit for longer than a 10-minute stretch.

Applying the Method
Once appropriated, the method can be used when you feel the onset of negative states of mind. Instead of ingesting drugs, which always include undesirable side effects and the danger of addiction, you simply sit and apply the method.

When skilfully (Pali: kusala) applied, the method always works and never produces negative side effects.

The Method and it’s Teacher
Shaolin Master Serge Martich-Osterman perfected the method. Shaolin is a Chinese Buddhist tradition of self-cultivation and self-defence based on the teachings of Chan/Zen (禪) and Esoteric/ Mìzōng (密宗) Buddhism.

Serge Martich-Osterman has been teaching Shaolin at the University of Sydney since 1965.

Voluntary Donation – No Obligation  
The workshop is offered to interested individuals free of charge.

If, on completion of the workshop you feel you’ve benefited and wish to make a voluntary donation, your donation will be gratefully accepted. A Chinese red envelope (the traditional means of effecting a voluntary donation) is provided.

The Brydens Group Fitness Room is located inside the Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Centre, corner of Codrington Street and Darlington Road (beside the Wentworth Building), University of Sydney.       

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.